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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Pancake Annie returns

Christian Sciene Monitor, considers it its duty to make a martyr out of the human speed bump formerly known as Rachel Corrie.

As for Corrie, the IDF says she was not run over by their bulldozer last month, contrary to eyewitness accounts, but crushed by blocks of concrete in a sand pile that the bulldozer was moving. Corrie's is the most inflammatory case, in part because there are harrowing photos of the event. The ISM has received a torrent of hate mail in the wake of her death, but it has also seen interest in their work soar. Where they once received three inquiries a day, now the group gets seven to 10.

The ISM's spokesman says that applicants have no illusions about safety. That's a good thing, says Snow. "Nonviolence doesn't mean you'll be protected," she says, citing Mr. Gandhi's call for "soldiers" who had the courage to fight without a knife or gun.

Ofcourse. It is the nature of non-violent resistance to HIDE WANTED TERRORISTS in your midst. I'm sure Ghandi would approve of that.
Also, CSM botheres to wash the "palestinian resistance" between 1978-1993 as "non-violent". Weird. There were dozens of plane hijackings. THOUSANDS of terrorists acts. And many Israeli, American and European victims. For CSM, pushing a guy in a wheel chair of Akila Lauro is "non-violent". Go fig.
My opinion of non-violent resistance BTW is very positive. As long as you back non violence on both sides, and as well as shielding palestinian tunnels smuggling whores and drugs (like Pancake Annie did), they should bother to ride Jerusalem city busses and eating in pedestrian malls cafes in the center of Netanya.


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