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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Reading Comprehension

After another debate with the loony toons on the left claiming iraq has won (and just to be honest, some right wing lunatics made that claim too) and that no WMD's were actualy found in Iraq, I'm here to teach them a little something called "Reading Comprehension". Say it slowly after me. That's it...
Now... let's start from the beggining.

April 5, 2003 -- U.S. forces across Iraq found dramatic new evidence of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction yesterday - poison-gas agents in a river, suspicious powder, and a training center for nuclear and biological warfare.
The Marines detected high concentrations of cyanide and mustard-gas agents in the Euphrates River near the city of Nasiriyah.

This comes from as early as April 5. Let's move a little further.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — U.S. Marines may have found weapons-grade plutonium in a massive underground facility discovered beneath Iraq's Al Tuwaitha nuclear complex, Fox News confirmed Friday.

Hmmm... still not getting the point? how about we try this.

WITH THE 101ST AIRBORNE DIVISION, south of Baghdad, Iraq (news - web sites), April 20 A scientist who claims to have worked in Iraq's chemical weapons program for more than a decade has told an American military team that Iraq destroyed chemical weapons and biological warfare equipment only days before the war began, members of the team said.

Under the terms of her accreditation to report on the activities of MET Alpha, this reporter was not permitted to interview the scientist or visit his home. Nor was she permitted to write about the discovery of the scientist for three days, and the copy was then submitted for a check by military officials.

Those officials asked that details of what chemicals were uncovered be deleted. They said they feared that such information could jeopardize the scientist's safety by identifying the part of the weapons program where he worked.

Now, to the latest story.

BAIJI, Iraq - U.S. troops found about a dozen 55-gallon drums in an open field near this northern Iraqi town, and initial tests indicated one of them contained a mixture of a nerve agent and mustard gas, an American officer said Sunday.

NOW. what's unclear here? I realize the people who hate their country enough to support their enemies would never admit such a mistake, but this is just bold proof. FACTS. And here is the battlefiled we can win, we have facts, they have political agendas.


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