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Saturday, April 26, 2003

You gotta start somewhere

Well... this is it... if you see this message, this means I have a blog...
Hmm.. I always had a problem with beginnings. So let's make this one quick.
My name is Michael, and I live in Beer-Sheba, Israel... I've been online quite sometime (known at some forums as "an Israeli teenager", israeliguy16, israeliguy17, and israeli18...) Please do not confuse me with israeliguy he's a whole different israeliguy altogether. I'm currently waiting for my military service, and till then I'm wasting my time working, and surfing the net, bashing jewhating idiots and having whole lots of fun.
My favorite sites (all are must-go. That means YOU) include LGF, and mideasttruth. Other than that, you can always find me on Undernet's #politics, bashing idiots and laughing at the accounts of brainless, moronic jewhaters.
Now, to my political opinions. I'm a centrist. I don't have a political party of my own to vote to, and I think both parties have a point. I'm against any sort of compromise on Jerusalem. I'm against returning ALL of the Golan heights (although partial withdrawal is possible), I'm against welcoming millions of welfare bloodsuckers... errr. I meant "Palestinian refugees" to my country. Other than that, everything is open for negotiations. I do not like the idea of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan river, nor do I see any other solution to the region's problems but accepting such a state, only after lengthy negotiations. The settlers... who bought their land legally from Palestinians have the full right to remain in the territory of the new Palestinian state (If and when such a state would be created) based on the status of Israeli Arabs. I do not have anything against Arabs, Palestinians or Islam. I do have a thing with brainless twits, and a pretty large mouth bashing such moronic events (which keeps getting me in trouble in cases like my "Pancake Annie" remarks... oops.. did I just say that?). Other than that, I want a big brick wall separating the Palestinian society from my own Israeli one. I want to stop the free water, and free electricity supply to Palestinian areas, and believe that Palestinian independence only comes in the price of being independent and cutting all kind of dependence of Israeli economy or Israeli goods.
That's pretty much my political agenda in regards to foreign affairs... which will be the end of my current post.


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