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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Separated at birth II?

Thanks to for the idea:

And it makes perfect sense too. I mean, come on, standing in front of a running bulldozer is a Kennish way to die...
And I can just hear Adam Shapiro shouting "Oh my god, they killed Pancake Annie!!! you bastards!!!"

Separated at birth?

This photo, published by Yahoo! (link via LGF) got me thinking. Ever saw "Scary Movie 2"?

Friday, May 30, 2003

A letter from the military

I got a letter from the military today, I can't really tell you what was in it, all I can say is that it's something very special and very confidential. Here I was thinking I would blog once a week or so, and would be able to tell you about how the IDF works for me... If i'm accepted to the "thingie" I've got in the mail, I'll probably won't be able to write a thing. Possibly they'll forbid me to blog in general... Anyhow, If you notice I don't tell you anyting about the military in the future, this is why.
Note: This was a nice trick from me. I haven't gone to the meeting yet, so I wasn't officialy told it's confidential, so till the time I go there, I can speak about it in vague terms without being accused of blabbering too much.


According to this Israel would withdraw from Palestinian population centers in return for Abu Mazen (and I'm not going to call that piece of filth Mahmoud Abbas, even if you pay me. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist) regaining "security control" of those areas. In short, Israelis get ready, we have a tough time ahead.
And on the same issue, terrorism, there are rumours around the mall I work in, that on tuesday they caught a homicide bomber with an explosive belt and a bag filled with 500 bullets in one of the entrances. The entrance is 10, maybe 20 meters from the place I work in, which gets me kinda scared. Beer-Sheva is a quiet town. I never considered my mall a target because of the large concentration of Beduins in it (They come from all around the desert to the mall to play video games. go fig), but then again, I was thinking that the terrorist bastards actualy CARED if they kill members of their own religion. Which obviously isn't correct.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The path to peace

The Israeli cabinet officialy accepted the "roadmap". And although the international media keeps painting sharon as a hawk, he isn't. Sharon is right-center. But him being part of the Likud is a great boost to peace efforts. You see, every peace deal has to pass the knesset. To get knesset approval you need a majority of 60 knesset members. This is why, only a right-wing brokered peace deal is guaranteed to pass. The left never had a real majority in Israel. It had to ally itself with center, sometimes rightist parties for a coalition government. And while attempting to pass a peace deal, the left had to force the centrist an rightist elements within its coalition to pass the deal by voting for it. Rabin's peace deals passed with small majorities. Right wing deals, not only get the likud support, but automaticly get the centrist and leftist support, thus passing with huge majorities and considered more stable. This is why, Sharon is probaly the only man out there capable of resolving the dispute with Palestinians and passing it through the Knesset.

Monday, May 26, 2003

They can't be this stupid. Can they?

Ok, I found this trash in our referals list. Not suprisingly it comes from Baltimore Nazimedia, and it reads:

Someone posted my article/exposé on Henry Kissinger in India indymedia without my knowledge and maliciously entered a summary that includes a reference to Kissinger as "a grubby Jew." Anyone who has read the article on Kissinger knows that NOWHERE in the article is his race, religion or shoe size, for that matter, ever mentions. His evil supercedes all else, in any case. And, as my own great-grandfather was a Jew from Germany, I hardly think "grubby Jew" is a comment I would be likely to make!!

I also notice that the article was picked up, along with its phony summary by, so that anyone looking for articles in my name will see the "grubby Jew" comment. It was listed not once but TWICE in google, as if they wanted to make sure it was seen.

I am quite curious as to why this summary was inserted. Either it was done by a total idiot with their own prejudices or it was done manipulatively and maliciously by a professional propagandist seeking to damage my credibility and thus undermine the article on Kissinger. I suspect the latter. I guess I should take it as a compliment that someone in the CIA or wherever considers my writing threatening enough to resort to dirty tricks to try to undermine it.

Ahhh. Now I get it. CIA made you post antisemic posts on Nazimedia. Thanks for clearing that up, and here I was thinking Nazimedia had jewhaters in it.
And someone in oneo f those comments claims me or Charles of LGF, actualy take out time to post antisemic nonsense on Nazimedia. Well, morons, we actualy have a LIFE. You know, that think you can't download... And this LIFE we have actualy takes a bit of our time, so that we won't have the time to post hundreds of "kill the jews" articles on Nazimedias worldwide.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Freakzoids Incoming, get bulldozers ready and heat up

We've been linked too by some crazed lunatic from some site that calls itself Newsfromthewhoreofbabylon or something of the sense. The site (which I won't link to) is ran by raving lunatics and crazy folks. One of those who calls himself "Babylonian" published a story on kuro5hin In which he calls Google news removal of Nazimedia "limitation of freedom of speech".
Nazimedia isn't, nor was it ever news, it's a bulletin board to which any freak with a keyboard a DSL and a limited amount of IQ can post. It doesn't deserve to be included in GoogleNews. Now are you asking me does "The World Socialist Newspaper" deserve to get linked? no. It doesn't. But, for it's own defense, not every freak on the WWW can post there.
Same goes for "Arutz Sheva" or Israel National News... A piratic right-wing radio station noone takes seriously which is listed on Google. They're not a reliable news source, but they have an editor, a staff of reporters and their own sources. Nazimedia has crazed surfers who thank god for the day someone connected the mental facility they're hospitalized in to the net.

Hamas offers a deal

Oh finally. Hamas makes a proposal for a truce.
Just to make it clear. To get a 1 year halt in attacks on Israeli civilians inside Israel (but Hamas can still kill settler kids, they're different, you know) , all Israel has to do is free all palestinian terrorists in prisons, withdraw the west bank, stop killing terrorists and also take this ring to Mordor and dispose of it in the mountain of fire. Then we'll have peace.

Technical Problems

In case you didn't eralise, we were overgoing through some tech problems which included blogspot refusing to publish anything. Back on the air now.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Karine B

Israel caught another weapons ship, Karine A style, and looks like both Hizbullah and Arafat are involved:

Israel's navy has seized a ship carrying bomb-making materials and an alleged activist from the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Israeli military officials say naval commandos took control of the small fishing boat Wednesday off the northern Israeli coast as it headed toward either Egypt or the Gaza Strip.

The commandos detained eight people, including the Hezbollah suspect, identified as Hamad Abu Amra. The Israeli military has accused Mr. Amra of planning to infiltrate Gaza and instruct Palestinian militants on bomb-making techniques. Initial reports said the ship was loaded with weapons. But Israel now says most of the items found were electronic devices and manuals used for bomb making.

The military says it is checking whether those aboard the ship had any connection with two Palestinian Authority officials, Adel Almairibi and Faith Razam. Israel says the officials were behind a weapons smuggling effort in January, 2002, that Israel stopped when it seized 50 tons of weapons from a ship in the Red Sea.

Oh yeah. That's gonna help the roadmap a whole lot.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003


Well, after I chilled a little from the tough three days my country was going through. I want to tell you first hand, what happens in Israel, everytime a suicide bomber strikes. I'm addicted to news, like many more Israelis. I get regular news updates at 9 AM, 1PM and 6PM through SMS messages to my cell phone. Any message arriving between those hours is an immideate cause of concern. You can find yourself in a crowded shop and everyone's cellphones are ringing at the same time (Israel has the more cellular phones per person in the world than any other country.. so almost everyone has one... or more). Then the phone begins ringing with various friends calling to check If you're allright. If you're in the area of a bombing, noone can reach you, since the phone lines collapse almost instantly, which causes the people to get worried sick.
Then comes the chatter of the news. Suddently it seems like every person in the street has his radio on on the same time. The moment you hear quick,excited talking for more than 3 minutes in a row, it's a BAD sign. The talking is replaced by sad music. There's a concept in Israeli radio, somehow all the radio station know the exact sogns to put on "sad" days, and the moment a bombing happens all the songs from the memorial days, and every other sad song ever written in hebrew find their way to the radio stations. There are hourly news broadcasts, and it's very unlikely you'll meet someone you know without him asking "shamaata al hapigua?"- Have you heard about the terrorist attack?
This has become so regular in our lives, that as hard as it is to admit it, it's just no as horrible as it used to be. If once, the moment I heard about a bombing I'd stick to the TV screen for hours. Today, just knowing the number of dead and woudned is enough. It has become blunt. And frankly, it scares me. I feel bad for not feeling terrible about the bombings. But how on earth can you feel bad when people blow up on daily basis, and you find yourself losing count of the bombings in a single week, sometimes even a single day. I feel like a rock. Like I lost all sensitivity for the deaths of my people. I hear about the bombing and I move on, I find myself shocked to admit that we've adjusted to this terrible reality where you never know if you'll return home after you leave. And you know, in a way, it might make coping with the reality a bit easier. I'm out of words right now. I planned to write about the terrorist attack which I saw with my own eyes, but I can't bring myself to that right now. Maybe another time.

Nazimedia, round 2

Another letter from Google.

Subject: Re: [#2317518] Why is google breaking it's promise regarding the use of indymedia as a newssource?

Thank you for your email about Google News. We appreciate your concerns
about the results you have seen and want you to know that Indymedia
stories are no longer included in Google News. If you retry your search,
you should receive a different set of news results.

Thanks for taking the time to write to Google and for sharing your views
with us.

The Google Team

Let's hope this time it's permanent.

Palestinians protest against occu.. err. terrorism

Is this for real?

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip — Hundreds of Palestinians (search) demonstrated Tuesday after a five-day Israeli invasion damaged farms and buildings, but in a rare twist, their wrath was directed at Palestinian militants for inviting the attack by firing rockets from their property.

Well. Shows that Israeli actions are working. I never considered a situation where Palestinians might turn the rage to where it belongs and not blindly throw it in Israel's direction. Personaly, I'm proud.

Monday, May 19, 2003

First non-political post on my blog

Well. Here it is. The first non political post no my blog. Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended today (airs tommorow, but ther's an Internet pre-air). The last episode of the show was breath-taking. I won't spoil it for the rest of you... Just wanted to say.. WOW.

The end of hope

In case you guys haven't noticed, I haven't been updating the last few days. I just can't bring myself to write about the horrendous terrorsit attacks. In the last three days there have been 5 homicide bombings, or homicide bombing attempts. It reminds me a bit of the time before the Passover Massacre, where daily bombings were usual. All of this comes in time of a great hope for peace, of a feeling that things are changing on the other side. Well, obviously they aren't.
Israel took off the closure and got dead kids in return. Israel gave 40% more working permits and all we've got is death, blood and destruction. Now would be a good time to start fighting fire with fire.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Why Palestinians throw rocks

Following the success of my last humorous movie entry, here's another. And this time, the reasoning behind the Palestniian throwing rocks.
Again, I recommend right-clicking it and choosign Save Target As...

Breaking News

Possible attempt to infiltrate an israeli settlment, gunfire exchanges heard, no details yet.
UPDATE: Terrorists killed, no innocents injured.

Terrorism Update

To those of you who didn't hear, there were a series of bombings targeted at Jewish and Western targets in Morocco yesterday. 39 are dead, hundreds are wounded and the casualty numbers are rising. Among the targets, a Jewish centre and a Belgian consulate. It must be the Belgian foreign policy, as we all know they're such BIG supporters of Israel, and help Sharon in every way. And they also never tried to stop Americans from liberating iraq. It's all Israel's fault.
Also, today, in Hebron, a human bomb sent himself to collect his 72 virgin mountain goats at Allah's place when he murdered a husband and wife while being dressed as an orthodox jew.

Nazimedia Update

Although I haven't got a response from Google yet, when I've searched Google news for "indymedia" today, the last ersult that showed was from May 13, which might indicate they were removed from Google. Let's wait for the email before we celebrate (again).

Selective Outrage

First of all I want to appologize to my readers for not updating this blog often in the last 2 days, I was promoted at work (yey! to me) and don't have as much time as I used to.
Now to the actual topic. A muslim group protests X2's (Xmen sequel) protraying the villain as a muslim.

LOS ANGELES, 9 May 2003 — A US Islamic group on Wednesday demanded an apology from the director of new comicbook movie “X2: X-Men United” for portraying the bad guy in the blockbuster as a Muslim.

Project Islamic HOPE, a Los Angeles-based Muslim civil rights group, said Jewish director Bryan Singer shot a close-up of the film’s villain wearing a ring with, “Allah,” the Arabic name for God inscribed on it.

He accused Singer of “engaging in a subtle campaign to breed intolerance and hate and demanded an apology from the director and asked its producers, the 20th Century Fox movie studios, to cut the scene when is released on DVD.

Oh wow. That damn jewish director... No wonder they all complain about us owning the media.
Anyhow, I thought it would be usefull to point out, that the evil guy in X-men 1 (Dr. Magnito, corerct me if I got the name wrong), was a Jew. Not just a Jew, but the opening scene of X-men 1 begins in the Warsaw ghetto where the bad guy bends the metal gate to try and reach his parents who are taken away by nazis. Where was "Islamic Hope" then?

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Oh well. I knew it was a holiday of some sort.

How could I forget? Today is May 15, 55 years ago, the state of Israel was founded (we celebrate Independence day according to the jewish, calendar). And the Palestinians call it "naqba day". Day of the disaster. Naturaly, the freakish ghouls poured to the streets with the regular chants of "itbah al-yahood" (massacre jews). And our peacefull "partner" (*cough*) for peace announced:
"We have clearly announced our strategic choice of peace to obtain an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital, but there is a conspiracy against us."
My response is this:
"I have clearly announce my strategic choice of peace to obtain a ski-resort in hell, with flying pigs as decoration, but there is a conspiracy against me".
And almost forgot. Here are the folks which want Jerusalem all to themselves:

What is it with jewhaters today?

Is there some special holiday today that I should be aware of? If not, why does every waste of skin and perfectly good breathing air, crawls out from beneath a rock and trashes Israel today?
At a Canadian court, a man who helped Israel fight off Hizbullah failed to get canadian citizenship, since the Canadian government claimed he was involved in "war crimes" and began LISTING Israel's war crimes (no need to say that no charges were ever filed against Israeli individuals regarding war crimes, and certainly none of them were found guilty).

TORONTO - A man who spied on the terrorist group Hezbollah for the Israeli secret intelligence agency Mossad has been branded a war criminal by Canadian authorities, who said his actions helped Israel commit "heinous" atrocities.

In a ruling likely to raise diplomatic tensions between Canada and Israel, a lawyer representing the Minister of Immigration intervened in the Lebanese man's refugee case to argue his claim should be rejected for his role in Israeli "war crimes."

I've got nothing against Canadians, I'm sure they're good folks, but what the HELL is wrong with your government?

What's up with the Europeans?

Well, here are a fragments of the Fourth Reich's.. err... I meant EU's (easy to confuse the two) policy on ethnic minorities.
First to Britain. Where they're attempting to BAN kosher and halal slaughter, and thus make the Jewish and Muslim communities to either break the law, or eat non-fresh meat. The logic behind this is simple. The White christian folks aren't influenced, so why should we care about the rights of those who aren't white or christian. Similar Laws were already passed in Holland, Belgium, Norway and Denmark. To those of you who aren't aware of historic facts, the first law passed by the Nazi Parliament in Nurenberg was a law forbidding kosher butchering.

Dr MacArthur Clark said there is absolutely no doubt that stunning will always make the slaughter process more humane.

She said: "The rendering of unconsciousness is a very immediate thing that happens, therefore those animals are clearly suffering far far less because the period of time over which they suffer is extremely short."

To those of you unaware, both Muslim and Halal butcher severe the blood vessels on the animals neck, stopping blood flow to the brain. The moment blood flow is cut to the brain, there is no pain, and the animal dies instantly. The "suffering" you see next is unvoluntary instincts (for instance, once you cut the head off a chicken it begins to run, is anyone going to claim it actualy feels anything at that point?). The nazis used kosher butchering films in their most infamous propaganda movie "The eternal Jew" written by goebbels. They claimed it harms the animals and casues it terrible pain, showing the footage of the unvoluntary muscular response which follows the disconnection of the brain. Looks like Hitler's "uniting europe" dream is working.

And now, to FROGGYSTAN, the country where "jewhaters" is a compliment.
An Austrian citizen, who had his family murdered by nazis, sued the french rail company to accept responsibility for his parents death. How many Reichsmarks... errr. I meant Euros (here that Freudian slip goes again) did the man try to "squeeze off" (pre-emptive strike against the Nazimedia freaks) the French Rail company? 1 Euro. Apparently, 1 Euro to pay for assisting genocide is WAY too much for a French court. They tossed him out, saying the case is unacceptable since "more than 10 years" passed from the time the crime was comitted. In the same breath poinitng out that the Railroad company records connecting it to nazis were released in the 70s (which is only 25 years too late to sue! woo-hoo).

From NYTimes story:

ARIS, May 14 ? A Paris court today rejected a lawsuit charging France's national railroad company with the equivalent of complicity in crimes against humanity for deporting Jews to Nazi death camps during Germany's wartime occupation of France. The court ruled that a 10-year statute of limitations applied in this case.

and from the VOA story:

In issuing its ruling, the court did not say whether the railroad was partially responsible for the deportation of tens of thousands of French Jews during the war. It said most of the facts about the conduct of the Nazi-installed regime that ruled wartime France have been public record since the 1970's

"Nazi-installed government"? Excuse me? General Pe'tten, of the French military signed the surrender deal three days after the French crossed the Maginot line (Is Maginot french for "welcome" or something?). It wasn't Nazi installed. It was a French leader openly cooperating with the nazis.
Well, grab that old brown uniform, polish those boots of yours, cause the EU has a bright future ahead.

Is Nazimedia back on Google?

Remember our entry about Google removing Nazimedia from it's list of sources? Well. I came in a few days after I got that email from google, searched "indymedia" in the Google News, and no new results came up. I did it a couple of times this week. When I tried the same trick today, something funny happened:

This "news report" is from TODAY and it contains the word "zionazis" again.
Now the Google email I've got clearly says that NO NEW ENTRIES WILL BE ADDED, something which wasn't followed. I wrote to Google again, and I urge you all to do so too. Indymedia isn't on Google's News resources page so something here is fishy. Either I was lied to (which pisses the hell off me) or Google backed down and surrendered to Indymedia freaks. In both cases, this is definetly BAD news for Google.

OMG! infoshop is back too

Not only did google news went back to listing Nazimedia, it went back to listing INFOSHOP, a vile, anarchist group advocating violence. WHAT THE HELL WENT WRONG?
And here's something that might explain it.
If you go to site, scroll down a bit you can find the following text:

Google News has started indexing Infoshop News again. We want to thank everybody who wrote letters to Google News.

Aha, so they WERE removed and returned by google. WRITE TO GOOGLE people. Just click here and write to them.

UPDATE:"Atlanta" pointed to a indymedia site that THEY used to stop their own removal. Now would be the time to start fighting fire with fire.

I'm not the only one who got the email

Look here. Looks like when the crazed leftie wackoes spoke to google it responded that:

We are not accepting sites where all articles are produced by one individual. We are looking for sources with current news written by a staff of reporters and edited by a staff editor.

Indymedia is neither written by a staff of reporters nor is it edited. Why is it back on Google News?

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

And now. HUMOR

OK. We've all known Palestinians fake wounded, and sometimes funerals. After the reincarnation of the dead guy in the Jenin fake funeral (caught on film so we could ALL laugh about it), comes the next big hit. Palestinians faking evacuation of a wounded guy. Everything goes allright until they grab him and try to get him to an ambulance, which is driving backwards.. You can imagine what happened next. I can only tell you that it's hilarious.

Watch it HERE (Suggestion: Right-Click it and choose "Save As...").

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Little local news from Israel

Yes, I know it's an International blog, with International readers, but I have to say a few things about internal Israeli affairs.
First of all MK Naomi Blumental, which was accused of bribing Likud members through luxury vacations in the Tel-Aviv "Sheraton" hotel, had her immunity kept by knesset members, and now she woun't be trialed. I think the situation where Knesset members decide, who of their friends will be trialed and who won't is wrong, deceptive and should be illegal. Naomi got away now, the question is for how long. My bet is, it won't pass the supreme court.
And now to the great strike. Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu), the economy ministry (is that the right translation? not sure), is trying to pass a new reform which would change the Israeli economy completely, reducing government employees and enlarging privately employed workers. Amir Peretz, leader of Israel's state-employed workers union got a problem with that. He got a problem with anything that is GOOD for the economy, and under the pretense of helping the needy he shut down Israel. No busses, No trains, No government offices, No banks, No money in the ATM's. All of this to help the poor and needy? The poor and needy need an ATM. The rich? they have credit cards. The poor and needy need the busses, the rich have cars. I have no idea when will this strike end. But one thing is certain, the Histadrut (the government employees union) screwed it's PR image for years to come.

And the Darwin award goes to...

Looks like the Darwin award isn't the only thing the ISM and Pancake Annie were nominated to. A Canadian MP nominated the group for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE (you're reading it correctly). The original story was found via LGF, but I found the source.

May 2, 2003

Dear Committee Members,

As a member of the House of Commons of Canada, and as the International Human Rights advocate for the New Democratic Party of Canada, it is my pleasure to nominate the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize.

Hey Sven? You need to find other ways to "pleasure" yourself, cause this is just SICK.

The contribution of the ISM to advancing the cause of peace in the Middle East, to defending human rights, and to upholding international law is without parallel. This organization's selfless efforts to promote peace and protect the lives of innocent civilians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict clearly merit international recognition.

Oh ofcourse. Nothing ever compares to standing in front of a tunnel smuggling whores, drugs and weapons and calling it a "human rights situation". Or the part where they his a member of the Islamic Jihad in their office, that sure as hell promoted peace, and protected the lives of innocent civilians.

Although this nomination is for the ISM as a whole, three young individuals merit particular recognition for the courage and resolve they displayed in their acts of non-violent civil disobedience in defence of peace and human rights in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Well gee, one might've thought that hiding jihad members in your offices isn't a "non-violent" action to take. Also, I'm still a bit unclear of how stopping the IDF from destroying a tunnel used for smuggling hookers is helping "peace and human rights".

These individuals are Brian Avery and Tom Hurndall, who miraculously survived sniper shots to the head by Israeli forces while they were defending Palestinian civilians from Israeli troops, and Rachel Corrie, who was crushed to death by an Israeli Defence Force bulldozer while attempting to prevent the demolition of the home of an innocent Palestinian family.

She died defending DRUG, WEAPON and HOOKER smuggling tunnel. What's so hard to get? Is it the drugs? The whores? Which one? Does he want me to break it into syllables so he can get it better? It wasn't even a house Pancake Annie stood in front, it was a bush hiding a tunnel.

A Nobel Peace Prize for the ISM would be a fitting testament to the fortitude and principle exemplified by the members of this organization and these three individuals in particular.

Thank you for accepting this nomination.

Sincerely yours,

Svend J Robinson, MP

Oh there's nothing like the principles of hating jews, condoning violence and disturbing the military in anti-terrorist actions.
But then again, as they gave Arafat the prize.. ISM should be candidates too.
Oh, and BTW. As a gesture in Pancake Annie's memory, the Israeli government introduced new traffic signs in the West Bank and Gaza: "Caution! Human Speed bumps ahead!".

Al qaeda does it again

Oh god. 4 car bombs explode in Riyadh targeting westerners, dozens killed, among them Americans, Brits, Japanese and Saudis.
I can't find any online reference to that yet, but Israeli Radio reported that Al qaeda officialy claimed responsibility in a call to a British daily in arabic.

Oh, how sick.

I was surfing ISM's site today (Pancake Annie's organisation). When I reached a gruesome page showing how to get to Israel under false Identity and pretend not to be a terrorist supporter.
Among the things posted there:

There are three ways to come to Palestine -- via the Ben Gurion airport - Tel Aviv, via Amman, Jordan or via Egypt. Many people are afraid to come via Tel Aviv because Palestinian sympathizers are being denied entry into the country. We believe that it's less suspicious if you come through Israel but you have to have a really good story about why you are coming, and must not mention anything about ISM or knowing, liking or planning to visit Palestinians. You must play it as though your visit is for other, Israel-based reasons, like tourism, religion, visiting an Israeli friend, etc. So do a little bit of research and put together a story that you'll be able to answer questions about. For example, if you say you are visiting a friend in Jerusalem, you should have the name and phone number of a real Israeli person. If you are coming for religious purposes, have a book or two on religion and travel in Israel; have an itinerary, etc.

If you decide to come via Amman, Jordan, you still have to go through the Israelis when you come to the border. They will then question you on why you are coming to Israel via Jordan. Especially if you go from the airport to the border on the same day, they will ask you why you just didn't fly to Tel Aviv if you're not spending time in Jordan? Make sure you have your story ready. If you come to Jordan, you will have to take a taxi to one of the borders with Israel.

And the most sickening of all:

Sheikh Hussein Bridge in the north: (Be careful when asking for a taxi to this bridge in Amman). Make sure that the taxi driver is clear that you want the SHEIKH Hussein Bridge and not the Malek Hussein Bridge (which is another name for the Allenby Bridge). This option will cost you about 35 Jordanian dinars ($50) from the airport to the bridge. When you cross over, the only practical option is to take a bus to Jerusalem (about 2 hour ride). We don't usually recommend people ride Israeli busses! This option is good if your story is that you're visiting people in the north of Israel, i.e. Haifa, and it's usually less crowded than the Allenby crossing, but is otherwise more trouble just because it's further away from Jerusalem. This is an official crossing point so you will not need a visa ahead of time to cross back into Jordan (you can buy one right at the border for about $15 ? depending on which country you're from).

You don't recommend people to ride Israeli busses. Well, gee, how lovely... Human shields who are chickening out of riding Israeli busses. They aren't "Chicken Hawks", they're "Chicken Doves", scared of riding Israeli busses. Looks like the IDF is less scary than Hamas afterall, eh?

Monday, May 12, 2003

Amnesty International "cares"

I have a question to the Pro-Palestinian surfers of this site. What do you think of the human rights situation in Israel? Do you think Israel is at fault? well, if you're Pro-Palestinian, I assume you do. Would you say Israel's human rights violations are worse than those of China, Cuba, Russia, Pakistan or all the Arab states? Those of you who don't have foam coming out of their mouths while shouting "damn jews" probably think not. That's not the situation in AI (Amnesty International).
A quick view of their archives showed a few interesting findings.
Let's take a look on amnesty's page of "Israel and the occupied territories". Let's take last year, 2002 as an example, shall we?
Amnesty published 22 reports (wire reports not counted) on the subject in 2002. ONE of them criticized palestinian suicide bombings. The others dealt with Israeli "human rights violations" mentioning vaguely palesitnian attacks. Let's put the number at 21 reports against Israel.
Now, for a comparisment, how many reports did countries get from AI (counted only the actual reports, not WIRE or news bulletin):
China - 20 reports
Saudi Arabia - 4 reports
Egypt - 4 reports
Cuba - 6 reports
Russia - 13 reports
Lebanon - 1 report
Iraq - 1 report
Looks bad, ain't it? Just FYI, the LIBERATED Iraq, 2003 got 16 reports. Which means, that according to AI, Human rights violations in Iraq increased by 1500% since it was liberated.
Now let's look at "occupying" countries. How about Turkey, and Iran, both occupying kurdistan.
Turkey - 13 reports.
Iran - 4 reports
Morocco, which occupies Western Sahara had NO REPORTS in 2002.

I've searched, and I've searched and I've searched, and didn't found ONE country. Not even ONE that had more reports than Israel. So are you trying to tell me that Israel a country of 6 million has more human rights violations than China, a 1.2 billion citizens country? Or we vioalte human rights more than saudis, who burn schoolgirls for not wearing veils, or egyptians who execute gays for their sexual preference.
Double standarts aren't only based against Israel. They're also based against democratic nations in general. For instance, countries who comitt "occupation" by Amnesty's standarts are "worse" if they're democracies. Turkey and Iran occupy roughly the same chunk of Kurdistan. Are you trying to tell me that democratic Turkey treats kurds worse than Iran? come on.
Amnesty has a grudge against democracies and a vile hatered towards Israel. Amnesty-KKK-International should be more correct:

Scary town, mate

The NYT published an interesting story today, that should get our british readers worried as hell (found the story through LGF).

"Killing people is wrong, obviously, but if he was doing it for God himself ? then fair enough," said the man, checking his cellphone for the time, so he could get to the bank before it closed. "You have to be pretty brave to do something like that, to hold a bomb in your hand and blow yourself up."

"What he's done is very good, and they won't ever find him," said Basu Hussain, 18, taking a break from his job at Lick'n Chick'n, a fast-food outlet. "We should all get together and kill all the Jews."

One young Derby Muslim who admires what Mr. Sharif is said to have done is Shaban Yasin, 17. He works at a halal fish, chips and kebab shop that caters to all manner of multiethnic culinary tastes. Suicide bombing, he said, is the "wrong way" to kill the Jews, adding that, "We should find out the best way to kill them, and do that."

Mr. Yasin grew up in Derby, too, and said that his parents, immigrants from Pakistan who settled here happily, had retired and were "living it large" on their British pensions. But, he said, he considers himself a Muslim first and foremost.

If he were to blow himself up for the cause, he said, "I think my parents would be proud of me."

Spooky place indeed. Now here's the problem. Millions of Muslim immigrants live in the western world. Most of them fully assimilated, contributing citizens, thankfull for the great opportunity given to them, to live their lives free of tyranny, to be able to work, and live their lives in honor, and grow their kids in a safe environment. The kids of those people never were in Morocco, Iraq, Pakistan or other hellholes. They don't know what opression is. They never seen what radical Islam can lead too. THEY are the danger here. And it needs to be dealt with, before it's too late.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Nazimedia gave me rash!

Look what I got!!! I got a rash from Nazimedia... It's right at my guest map. I left the entry (although I could've easily erased it) since I belive in freedom of speech. Unlike Nazimedia.
And the comment reads:

hope you realize that anti-zionism doesn't equal anti-semitism. Your ignorance amazes me. Thankfull I took it upon myself to email google and they've decided to put google back into the search. If you keep up this nationalism, there will never be peace in Israel and more jews will die.

I also seriously doubt your Israeli so why dont you go back to your American suburb and cry about the West Bank some more...there are no Israelis there so I dont know why you insist on occupying it! Thats the reason there is terror!

Anti zionism doesn't equal Anti-semitism. Just happens to be that zionism, is the dream of every jew, and most anti-zionists are rabid nutcase jewhaters. Other than that? no link at all.
Oh wow. Google put naizmedia back in the search? Amazing, as they were never removed from the search (see previous entry). And here comes my personal favorite: "If you keep up this nationalism, there will never be peace in Israel and more jews will die." Oh wow. thanks for clearing it up. So THATS what was making arabs kill jews in the last 100 years. It's MY nationalism. Thanks.
Yes, you caught me. I'm american, I live in the small American suburb named Beer-Sheva and it's right in the Negev desert. And as for the west bank, there are 200000 Israelis living there in case you don't know, and also, as the reason to terrorism is occupation, I suggest for Israel to withdraw it's forces from Derby,UK ASAP, since that's where the last two human bombs came from.
Thanks for visiting, Nazimedia freak, come by again.
And as for you guys who didn't sign my guest map yet, what the HELL are you waiting for?

Oooh. Photoshop fun.

Well first of all here's the original photo from Yahoo! News:

BTW. I do want to thank the ISM members for putting a bull's eye on their shirt. It's tempting, really..
Now, LGF published a slightly revised version in this thread, and through the LGF commenter Phil from I got a new revised version. BUT. I think i've reached complete perfection with my latest addition:

They can't REALLY be that dumb, can they?

I've been seeing more and more Nazimedia visitors in the last few days on my referrers list. Anyway, turns out one of them emailed google and asked them why did they remove Nazimedia from the site index. The morons at nazimedia, concluded that they're back on the news list and began celebrating.
If they were any denser, they'd be diamonds, and I'd be rich.

Friday, May 09, 2003

Would someone PLEASE bulldoze those wackoes??? PLEASE???

Reuters reports that Israel has placed "restrictions" on traveling to the territories. Oh, and yeah, they're cracking down on ISM too.

Rory Mungoven, global advocacy director for Human Rights Watch in New York, said Israeli forces arrested one of the group's researchers, an Australian woman, who was visiting offices used by ISM in the West Bank town of Beit Sahour.

The other detainees were a U.S. volunteer for ISM and a Palestinian woman who was quickly released. The two foreign women were being held pending deportation, Israeli police said.

Aha. HRW are cooperating with ISM? That's weird. Since HRW are supposed to be an independent, non-political organisation, as stated in their site.

Human Rights Watch is an independent, nongovernmental organization, supported by contributions from private individuals and foundations worldwide

Also, check out the "restrictions" on travelling in gaza.

The army also said on Friday it would oblige foreigners seeking entry into Gaza to obtain permission from the military and to sign a waiver absolving Israel of responsibility for their safety, a procedure long in place for Israeli civilians.

Amnesty International said it feared the restrictions aimed "to prevent outside monitoring and scrutiny of the conduct of the Israeli army."

Oh how terrible, could you IMAGINE them following regular laws just like regular Israelis? What an outrage! What are they going to demand next? Driving permits for cars? How far will the Israeli government go with it's terrible discrimination against AI???
This is horrible news. Treating outsiders like normal people, forgetting that they're a superior species and therefore deserve more rights than we Israelis.
This kind of arrogance is what got Pancake Annie killed, the "I'm white, so I'm safe" idea. AI aren't supreme beings. They're not a superior race, they're just people, and should be treated as such.

WHAAAAA. Indymedia Crybabies are attacking

Wow. I got tons over tons of hatemail (and also, comments collapsed. again.) This is because some indymedia sites have joined the bitching of their removal. Like here and here.
One of them demanded me to show the headers. Well. HERE.

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with ESMTP id <>; Thu,
08 May 2003 20:47:30 +0300 (IDT)
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Received: by (Postfix, from userid 5701) id 6E133BE59; Thu,
08 May 2003 10:46:39 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 10:46:38 -0700
Subject: Re: [#2253310] Why is google using Indymedia as a source? and why is
ZIONAZI a legitimate word?
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To: Michael <******>
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My Email is hidden, since I don't want the spewing morons that left their comments here to post to my personal inbox.

I had to double-check

Google's news resources page says so too. Nazimedia is no longer there.
I usualy trust people but as some comments on LGF said "are you for real"? I had to double-check it. Well, It's true. We've won.

Wow! We're famous!

My blog was linked to by LGF. As I know from earlier experience, the comments and Images are going to collapse. If they do, don't worry, I'm working on it.

UPDATE: OK. Now you've got me. I payed Tripod, so now we should have no problems with Images collapsing anymore. I'm transfering the images to our new host as we speak.

A Victory

Aha! We've won. I wrote google yesterday about their disgusting habbit of using Nazimedia as a source.
Here's the full response:

"Hi Michael,

Thanks for your email. We have recently removed Indymedia from our news
sources. Stories that are already in our Google News search results may
still show up for the next few weeks.

The Google Team"

Google should be proud of themselves. They've identified a problem, and taken care of it. Also, they responded my email, which sounded rather angry, as I was when I wrote it. GOOD JOB GOOGLE. I'm proud to blog on a company owned by you.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

A Jewhater's dream

I had a debate with someone on IRC.. so I googled for info on James Miller, the cameraman killed in gaza from Palesitnian gunfire. The headline that came up was shocking. "Zionazis shoot protestor". Naturaly the link led to Nazimedia, but then again, could it be? Zionazis used in a so-called "news" search engine. So I figured i'd search for zionazis. Here are the results:

5 times. FIVE TIMES. Google news has zionazis mentioned FIVE TIMES and yet it didn't bother them.
I decided to search for "jews"... here's what came up as a result. Guess the source? Ofcourse. Nazimedia. Now I remind you, this is supposed to be a NEWS site. And this story, by google, is news:

Tells Lebanon it will have to get its oil thru Israel from new pipeline from Iraq thru Sharon's terrorist regime. Jews Boucher, Bolton, Wolfowitz and the rest of ZOG controlling US policy working overtime to punish Arabs and reward Jews. And right wing Zionist General Garner, new emperor of Iraq has not yet even started raping the Iraqi people.

Shame on google. SHAME.

Nazimedia fights fascism.
For a site that keeps bitching about fascism 24/7, Nazimedia is quick enough to erase oposing opinions. Remember my entry about the ISM announcement regarding James Miller's death?
Well. My first comment was erased. My second comment, asking for the reason of the censorship was erased as well. Nazis, go fig.

Is the Al-Guardian folk REALLY that stupid?

Here's an interesting find. "Bombers didn't use us" claim ISM activists to the Al-Guardian newspaper.
Weird. and here I was thinking an ISM member named Raphael Cohen (*puke*) admitting that he had tea with them was proof. No mention of it in the article in the Al-Guardian naturally.
The missing link of the evolution (well she sounds dumb. what can I do?) or whatever the name of that ISM member asks "Are we to be responsible for anyone who we've met for 15 minutes?"
That's kinda funny, as the bombers participated in an ISM protest, in an ISM memorial service for Pancake Annie... errr.. Rachel Corrie, as well as having tea with the ISM members. Also, when you had tea with a murderer, you usualy come out to the police and try to help them, and don't try to hide that fact for the next week or so. I mean if you're innocent, why wouldnt' you tell the police the info you got.
But... I think the most annoying part of the Article came next:

Yet again Israeli soldiers have been firing without reason at British targets (UK envoys held at gunpoint by Israelis, May 6). Add to the list the British cameraman James Miller, shot dead on Friday in the Gaza Strip. When the Foreign Office raises with Israel the issue of firing on a diplomatic convoy, it might also wish to ask what happened to Ian Hook, the British UN worker shot in Jenin, and Tom Hundell, the peace activist shot in Rafah. Despite British pledges that a proper inquiry would be called for, the Israelis appear to have brushed it off. British and US citizens have been killed, yet Britain still supplies Israel with arms, and considers Israel a target market for British business.
Chris Doyle
Director, Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding

Hmmm. Here's the funny part. James Miller, the cameraman and awarded news reporter was killed by Palestinians. Ian Hook, the UN employee was gunned down when armed terrorists entered the UN compound and started firing from it on IDF forces. It's still unclear who shot him, but in any cause, IDF was shooting at the source of fire, so even if he was killed by IDF fire, the sole reason for his death was the gunmen getting into the UN compound. And as to Tom Hundell who was in a mob of palestinian kids mixed with Palestinian gunmen firing at IDF forces. In short, Chris Doyle made my case. Thanks.

Happy Independence Day!!!

That's right, 55 years ago the state of Israel was founded.
And on a more personal note. I haven't been writing lately since I was busy working, hanging flags, celebrating and BBQing, and now that is over i can get back to boring your brains out. AGAIN.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Nazimedia begins again
As if we don't have a video fo James Miller's death in gaza. As if the foresnic examination proved Palestinian gunmen were the ones who shot him. As if there wasn't a laughter sound from the house palesitnian gunmen were hiding in after he got shot. That's all is not enough to Nazimedia and their pals.
They'll lie, decieve and defend the kilers just for propganda needs. SHAME. Shame on you.
And here's the truth about James Miller's death.

The body of British freelance journalist James Miller was transferred this morning to the Abu Kabir national forensic medicine institute after Britain demanded a full investigation into the circumstances of his death. Miller, 35, who was in Rafiah making a documentary on how Palestinian children are affected by violence, was shot and killed on Friday. IDF sources said Miller was approaching Israeli troops when Palestinian gunmen shot him in the back.

"Miller was facing Israeli troops when he was shot, and he was shot in the back," a senior IDF officer in the army's Gaza Brigade said Sunday morning.

Associated Press film footage of events in Rafiah Friday night showed Miller and other journalists walking towards Israeli troops, shouting out, "We are journalists." Heard immediately afterwards on the footage, broadcast on Channel One television, is a single gunshot and a cry of someone in pain.

An IDF doctor who was on the scene shortly after Miller was shot stated that the bullet entered into Miller's rear left shoulder.

The film also captured the sound of laughter coming from a Palestinian in a nearby building immediately after the shooting, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Oh yeah. the Israelis shot him. BAD Israelis. BAD BAD Israelis. I bet the part where palestinians laugh is fake too. Sheesh.

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day in Israel. This is the day where we remember 21,540 of our soldiers who died ensuring our existance as a democratic and independant nation. The Israeli government has put up a nice memorial site (Currently only in hebrew). Surfing it you can see the names of the dead: Israeli born, European Born, Asian Born, Israeli Arabs, Beduins, Duruz. Jews and Christians, Duruz and Cerces. All of whom made the greatest sacrifice for the sake of Israel. That's the Israeli melting pot right there, a never ending memorial of the way we live.
Notice that the Israeli Remembrance day and the Israeli independence day are one after the other. That shows us the nature of Israel more than anything else. From sorrow to joy, from mourning to celebrating, from dying to living. This teaches us the price of being an Independant, Democratic nation in the middle east. That teaches to never forget who gave us our freedom.
Let me finish with linking you to the words of a herew song "The Winter of 1973".

Monday, May 05, 2003

AHA! Gotcha!
The ISM (Pancake Annie's AKA Rachel Corrie's organisation of jewhaters) admits its people have met with the two Britons who infiltrated Israel and comitted the horrible homicide bombing at "Mike's Place".
Let's see them spew their way out of this.

The two British terrorists involved in last week's suicide bombing of a Tel Aviv bar met at the end of April with activists from the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement in the Gaza Strip town of Rafah, a member of the movement said Monday.

Three people were killed and scores wounded in the bombing at the beachfront Mike's Place bar, when one of the Britons, Asif Hanif, blew himself up at the crowded nightspot. The bomb carried by Omar Sharif, the second Briton, did not detonate, and he fled the scene.

ISM member Raphael Cohen told a news conference Monday that he met the two men on Friday, April 25, five days before the bombing. He said that a group of 15 people met in an apartment in Rafah that belongs to the movement.

Raphael COHEN???? Is it me or did ISM find themselves another self-hating jew Adam Shapiro style. YUCK. YUCK. YUCK. If anything disgusts me more than Jewhaters, it's jews who align themselves with jewhaters against their own berthren. My sincere hopes are Raphael is as dumb as he sounds and will follow Pancake Annie's footsteps in the long journey of evolution.

Why some people should think before speaking
British parliament members are doing it again. If it's not coming out of the closet or getting money from Iraqi baathists it's spewing disgusting Antisemitic remarks.

Tam Dalyell, the Father of the House, sparked outrage last night by accusing the Prime Minister of "being unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers".

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Left-wing Labour MP named Lord Levy, Tony Blair's personal envoy on the Middle East, Peter Mandelson, whose father was Jewish, and Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, who has Jewish ancestry, as three of the leading figures who had influenced Mr Blair's policies on the Middle East.

Oh my god. Now he caught us. We can't let him live, we must send a Mossad hit squad after him, he knows too much. He has discovered about the Jewish Mind Control Rays (tm) that are being used to influence world leaders and make hamsters fly remote-controled airline jets into towers.

Mitzna resignes, Woo-hoo

The extreme leftist leader of the Israeli labour party (The Avodah) has resigned, making it safe for the labour to go back to it's normal left-of-centre self.
The labour party, a very well respected name in Israeli politics, home of great leaders like Ben-Gurion,Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan and Yitzhak Rabin has been dropping steadily. First they elected barak which completely screwed them over. Then they elected Mitzna which brought labour it's largest loss ever. Moderate voices among the labour, such as Fuad (Benjamin Ben-Eliezer) have been hushed and forced to follow Mitzna's extreme left ideologis which belong in Meretz and not in Avodah.
Mitzna rejected a unity government (something roughly 80% of the Israeli public has backed) and hopefully, now Sharon and Ben-Eliezer can return to a unity government which will help Israel out of the economic crisis and lay the way to peace. Now, with Mitzna out of the way. the secular unity government we've dreamed about (Likud, Labour, Shinui) can now act. Let's just hope the labour voters won't elect a mini-Mitzna to replace the guy.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

And next... IRAN
As if we haven't got enoguh troubles on our hands. Turns out germany foiled an attempt to smuggle nuclear detonators to Iran.
Anyone taking bets on how long will it take Israel to bomb the hell out of their reactor? I say, within the year.

German customs last year blocked the export to Iran of 44 detonators that would have been well-suited for building nuclear bombs, according to a report in the weekly Focus.

The report says two Iranian brothers attempted to export the detonators manufactured by the German firm Behlke and purchased by two German intermediaries, Eva-Marie H. and Harald H.

The buyers had indicated they were bound for a domestic customer.

"If the delivery had been successful, Germany's foreign relations would have been threatened, even more so if they were used in Iran," said an internal German foreign ministry document quoted by Focus.

Iranians didn't get the message, did they? Hope it won't be too late for them...

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Now look what have you done?
ARGHHHH... The site was overloaded due to my prank call to ISM ( maybe i should do it again). so both comments AND Image hosting broke down. Working on it.

Friday, May 02, 2003

A Prank Call
I couldn't wait any longer. The stories about the suicide bombers using ISM as a cover got me to do it.. I didn't mean to.. honest.. hehehehehehe.
Well, here's how it went. After watching the following entry on LGF. I got terribly pissed off, and decided to call ISM... I didn't mean it to become a prank call, but that's what has come out of it.
The phone rang. A guy answered: "ISM, hello"
Now, what I did next came as a total surprise even to me.
"Hello, HELLO? This is a call from the National Socialist Party of Russia. We would like to cooperate with your organization in the battle against the evil Jewish occupying forces." I said in a horrible made up Russian accent
"Errr... Well... errr. I mean, Yes, we could use any help in fighting off the Jewish occupation of Palestine." he replied.
At this point I cracked and hanged up the phone so the guy wont' hear me laughing. His racist response though left room for more. I called again.
"ISM hello"
"Sorry, the line disconnected, it is me again"
"Yes, we were speaking about cooperating with ISM"
"Yes, what kind of aid can we offer you? Volunteers, money?"
"Financial aid would be very much welcomed, and we're always open for volunteers"
"If we send you money, can I be sure it reaches the resistance and helps conduct glorious acts like the ones we've seen in Tel Aviv? I don't want to invest in some organization that wouldn't fight the Jews" I pushed harder. He had to realize this was a prank. He had too. He can't possibly be dumb enough to fall for that, can he?
"We do not officially endorse acts of violence"
A ray of light? Could it be we were all wrong about ISM? I was quickly proven wrong, as the guy on the other side continued:
"But I can guarantee you that your money will reach the right hands in our struggle"
"Stop being diplomatic with me, I want to know if my money reaches the brave martyrs who sacrifice their lives to free Palestine from the Jews."
"I'm not supposed to speak about it..."
"This is a very simple question. Yes or No?"
"You're not jewing me, are you?" (It was so clear I was faking, a one-eyed squirrel would understand it, but not the boys at ISM)
"You know, cheating, lying, faking"
"No sir, of course not. I'm not Jewish; I'm telling the truth here."
Well at this point I laughed out loud.
"What's funny?" The ISM boy asked dumbly.
"Hope you'll be the next to get run over by a bulldozer and get faxed home to his family." I said the last phrase without an accent, and hung up.

Hopefully I've exposed ISM's racist thoughts, ideas and ways. Anyone who ever considered them "peace" movement is now realizing his mistake. Jewhating freakazaoids…
My Russian accent was so phony, at certain stages I wanted to laugh out loud… I have no idea how I managed to hold myself…
Now i know people are going to claim I'm faking it. Sorry. I didn't have time to record the conversation. It is for real though.
I didn't write it along, so it isn't word by word. But i didn't twist the meaning of any of the thoughts that ISM guy tried to convey.

Rachel Corrie

Whenever Rachel Corrie went down town,
The people on the pavement looked at her:
She was an idiot from sole to crown,
Jew-Hating scumbag to be sure.

And she has always violently protested,
And she was always burning flags as she talked;
But still she fluttered pulses when she said,
"Kill Jews" and she glittered when she walked.

And she was rich - yes, richer than a king -
A spoiled white trash girl in all her grace.
In fine we thought that she was everything
To make us thank we weren't in her place.

So on we worked, and waited for the light,
And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;
And Rachel Corrie, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a DOZER through her head.

For those who didn't realise, this is a parody over Edwin Arlington Robinson's "Richard Cory".

ISM terrorist lover arrested
Well first of all, those british scumbags who blew up "Mike's Place" in Tel Aviv claimed to be "peace activists". Charles Johnson of LGF thinks they're from ISM. I share that opinion. Why else would IDF pick today of all days to begin arresting the murder loving scumbags that ISM are.

In the first sign of the new crackdown, a member of the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement (ISM) was detained by Israeli troops in the southern Gaza refugee camp Rafah on Thursday.

Military sources said the woman activist was sleeping in a house suspected of concealing one of the tunnels used by militants to smuggle arms from nearby Egypt, and her case was being handled by the Foreign Ministry.

Wow... looks like Pancake Annie managed to get a lot of supporter who want to be burried in an envelope like their spiritual mother. Although Corrie will most certainley win the Darwin award this year. those people keep trying to be even MORE stupid than the average human speed bump.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Have you seen them???

The Israeli authorities reporting that two british citizens have conducted the horrid bombing in Tel Aviv...
The names seem pakistani:

Hope they get the filthy bastard who is still running lost (one of them) quick.