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Monday, May 12, 2003

Amnesty International "cares"

I have a question to the Pro-Palestinian surfers of this site. What do you think of the human rights situation in Israel? Do you think Israel is at fault? well, if you're Pro-Palestinian, I assume you do. Would you say Israel's human rights violations are worse than those of China, Cuba, Russia, Pakistan or all the Arab states? Those of you who don't have foam coming out of their mouths while shouting "damn jews" probably think not. That's not the situation in AI (Amnesty International).
A quick view of their archives showed a few interesting findings.
Let's take a look on amnesty's page of "Israel and the occupied territories". Let's take last year, 2002 as an example, shall we?
Amnesty published 22 reports (wire reports not counted) on the subject in 2002. ONE of them criticized palestinian suicide bombings. The others dealt with Israeli "human rights violations" mentioning vaguely palesitnian attacks. Let's put the number at 21 reports against Israel.
Now, for a comparisment, how many reports did countries get from AI (counted only the actual reports, not WIRE or news bulletin):
China - 20 reports
Saudi Arabia - 4 reports
Egypt - 4 reports
Cuba - 6 reports
Russia - 13 reports
Lebanon - 1 report
Iraq - 1 report
Looks bad, ain't it? Just FYI, the LIBERATED Iraq, 2003 got 16 reports. Which means, that according to AI, Human rights violations in Iraq increased by 1500% since it was liberated.
Now let's look at "occupying" countries. How about Turkey, and Iran, both occupying kurdistan.
Turkey - 13 reports.
Iran - 4 reports
Morocco, which occupies Western Sahara had NO REPORTS in 2002.

I've searched, and I've searched and I've searched, and didn't found ONE country. Not even ONE that had more reports than Israel. So are you trying to tell me that Israel a country of 6 million has more human rights violations than China, a 1.2 billion citizens country? Or we vioalte human rights more than saudis, who burn schoolgirls for not wearing veils, or egyptians who execute gays for their sexual preference.
Double standarts aren't only based against Israel. They're also based against democratic nations in general. For instance, countries who comitt "occupation" by Amnesty's standarts are "worse" if they're democracies. Turkey and Iran occupy roughly the same chunk of Kurdistan. Are you trying to tell me that democratic Turkey treats kurds worse than Iran? come on.
Amnesty has a grudge against democracies and a vile hatered towards Israel. Amnesty-KKK-International should be more correct: