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Sunday, May 04, 2003

And next... IRAN
As if we haven't got enoguh troubles on our hands. Turns out germany foiled an attempt to smuggle nuclear detonators to Iran.
Anyone taking bets on how long will it take Israel to bomb the hell out of their reactor? I say, within the year.

German customs last year blocked the export to Iran of 44 detonators that would have been well-suited for building nuclear bombs, according to a report in the weekly Focus.

The report says two Iranian brothers attempted to export the detonators manufactured by the German firm Behlke and purchased by two German intermediaries, Eva-Marie H. and Harald H.

The buyers had indicated they were bound for a domestic customer.

"If the delivery had been successful, Germany's foreign relations would have been threatened, even more so if they were used in Iran," said an internal German foreign ministry document quoted by Focus.

Iranians didn't get the message, did they? Hope it won't be too late for them...


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