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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Freakzoids Incoming, get bulldozers ready and heat up

We've been linked too by some crazed lunatic from some site that calls itself Newsfromthewhoreofbabylon or something of the sense. The site (which I won't link to) is ran by raving lunatics and crazy folks. One of those who calls himself "Babylonian" published a story on kuro5hin In which he calls Google news removal of Nazimedia "limitation of freedom of speech".
Nazimedia isn't, nor was it ever news, it's a bulletin board to which any freak with a keyboard a DSL and a limited amount of IQ can post. It doesn't deserve to be included in GoogleNews. Now are you asking me does "The World Socialist Newspaper" deserve to get linked? no. It doesn't. But, for it's own defense, not every freak on the WWW can post there.
Same goes for "Arutz Sheva" or Israel National News... A piratic right-wing radio station noone takes seriously which is listed on Google. They're not a reliable news source, but they have an editor, a staff of reporters and their own sources. Nazimedia has crazed surfers who thank god for the day someone connected the mental facility they're hospitalized in to the net.


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