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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Is the Al-Guardian folk REALLY that stupid?

Here's an interesting find. "Bombers didn't use us" claim ISM activists to the Al-Guardian newspaper.
Weird. and here I was thinking an ISM member named Raphael Cohen (*puke*) admitting that he had tea with them was proof. No mention of it in the article in the Al-Guardian naturally.
The missing link of the evolution (well she sounds dumb. what can I do?) or whatever the name of that ISM member asks "Are we to be responsible for anyone who we've met for 15 minutes?"
That's kinda funny, as the bombers participated in an ISM protest, in an ISM memorial service for Pancake Annie... errr.. Rachel Corrie, as well as having tea with the ISM members. Also, when you had tea with a murderer, you usualy come out to the police and try to help them, and don't try to hide that fact for the next week or so. I mean if you're innocent, why wouldnt' you tell the police the info you got.
But... I think the most annoying part of the Article came next:

Yet again Israeli soldiers have been firing without reason at British targets (UK envoys held at gunpoint by Israelis, May 6). Add to the list the British cameraman James Miller, shot dead on Friday in the Gaza Strip. When the Foreign Office raises with Israel the issue of firing on a diplomatic convoy, it might also wish to ask what happened to Ian Hook, the British UN worker shot in Jenin, and Tom Hundell, the peace activist shot in Rafah. Despite British pledges that a proper inquiry would be called for, the Israelis appear to have brushed it off. British and US citizens have been killed, yet Britain still supplies Israel with arms, and considers Israel a target market for British business.
Chris Doyle
Director, Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding

Hmmm. Here's the funny part. James Miller, the cameraman and awarded news reporter was killed by Palestinians. Ian Hook, the UN employee was gunned down when armed terrorists entered the UN compound and started firing from it on IDF forces. It's still unclear who shot him, but in any cause, IDF was shooting at the source of fire, so even if he was killed by IDF fire, the sole reason for his death was the gunmen getting into the UN compound. And as to Tom Hundell who was in a mob of palestinian kids mixed with Palestinian gunmen firing at IDF forces. In short, Chris Doyle made my case. Thanks.


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