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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Is Nazimedia back on Google?

Remember our entry about Google removing Nazimedia from it's list of sources? Well. I came in a few days after I got that email from google, searched "indymedia" in the Google News, and no new results came up. I did it a couple of times this week. When I tried the same trick today, something funny happened:

This "news report" is from TODAY and it contains the word "zionazis" again.
Now the Google email I've got clearly says that NO NEW ENTRIES WILL BE ADDED, something which wasn't followed. I wrote to Google again, and I urge you all to do so too. Indymedia isn't on Google's News resources page so something here is fishy. Either I was lied to (which pisses the hell off me) or Google backed down and surrendered to Indymedia freaks. In both cases, this is definetly BAD news for Google.