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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

A Jewhater's dream

I had a debate with someone on IRC.. so I googled for info on James Miller, the cameraman killed in gaza from Palesitnian gunfire. The headline that came up was shocking. "Zionazis shoot protestor". Naturaly the link led to Nazimedia, but then again, could it be? Zionazis used in a so-called "news" search engine. So I figured i'd search for zionazis. Here are the results:

5 times. FIVE TIMES. Google news has zionazis mentioned FIVE TIMES and yet it didn't bother them.
I decided to search for "jews"... here's what came up as a result. Guess the source? Ofcourse. Nazimedia. Now I remind you, this is supposed to be a NEWS site. And this story, by google, is news:

Tells Lebanon it will have to get its oil thru Israel from new pipeline from Iraq thru Sharon's terrorist regime. Jews Boucher, Bolton, Wolfowitz and the rest of ZOG controlling US policy working overtime to punish Arabs and reward Jews. And right wing Zionist General Garner, new emperor of Iraq has not yet even started raping the Iraqi people.

Shame on google. SHAME.