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Friday, May 23, 2003

Karine B

Israel caught another weapons ship, Karine A style, and looks like both Hizbullah and Arafat are involved:

Israel's navy has seized a ship carrying bomb-making materials and an alleged activist from the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Israeli military officials say naval commandos took control of the small fishing boat Wednesday off the northern Israeli coast as it headed toward either Egypt or the Gaza Strip.

The commandos detained eight people, including the Hezbollah suspect, identified as Hamad Abu Amra. The Israeli military has accused Mr. Amra of planning to infiltrate Gaza and instruct Palestinian militants on bomb-making techniques. Initial reports said the ship was loaded with weapons. But Israel now says most of the items found were electronic devices and manuals used for bomb making.

The military says it is checking whether those aboard the ship had any connection with two Palestinian Authority officials, Adel Almairibi and Faith Razam. Israel says the officials were behind a weapons smuggling effort in January, 2002, that Israel stopped when it seized 50 tons of weapons from a ship in the Red Sea.

Oh yeah. That's gonna help the roadmap a whole lot.


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