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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Little local news from Israel

Yes, I know it's an International blog, with International readers, but I have to say a few things about internal Israeli affairs.
First of all MK Naomi Blumental, which was accused of bribing Likud members through luxury vacations in the Tel-Aviv "Sheraton" hotel, had her immunity kept by knesset members, and now she woun't be trialed. I think the situation where Knesset members decide, who of their friends will be trialed and who won't is wrong, deceptive and should be illegal. Naomi got away now, the question is for how long. My bet is, it won't pass the supreme court.
And now to the great strike. Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu), the economy ministry (is that the right translation? not sure), is trying to pass a new reform which would change the Israeli economy completely, reducing government employees and enlarging privately employed workers. Amir Peretz, leader of Israel's state-employed workers union got a problem with that. He got a problem with anything that is GOOD for the economy, and under the pretense of helping the needy he shut down Israel. No busses, No trains, No government offices, No banks, No money in the ATM's. All of this to help the poor and needy? The poor and needy need an ATM. The rich? they have credit cards. The poor and needy need the busses, the rich have cars. I have no idea when will this strike end. But one thing is certain, the Histadrut (the government employees union) screwed it's PR image for years to come.


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