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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Nazimedia begins again
As if we don't have a video fo James Miller's death in gaza. As if the foresnic examination proved Palestinian gunmen were the ones who shot him. As if there wasn't a laughter sound from the house palesitnian gunmen were hiding in after he got shot. That's all is not enough to Nazimedia and their pals.
They'll lie, decieve and defend the kilers just for propganda needs. SHAME. Shame on you.
And here's the truth about James Miller's death.

The body of British freelance journalist James Miller was transferred this morning to the Abu Kabir national forensic medicine institute after Britain demanded a full investigation into the circumstances of his death. Miller, 35, who was in Rafiah making a documentary on how Palestinian children are affected by violence, was shot and killed on Friday. IDF sources said Miller was approaching Israeli troops when Palestinian gunmen shot him in the back.

"Miller was facing Israeli troops when he was shot, and he was shot in the back," a senior IDF officer in the army's Gaza Brigade said Sunday morning.

Associated Press film footage of events in Rafiah Friday night showed Miller and other journalists walking towards Israeli troops, shouting out, "We are journalists." Heard immediately afterwards on the footage, broadcast on Channel One television, is a single gunshot and a cry of someone in pain.

An IDF doctor who was on the scene shortly after Miller was shot stated that the bullet entered into Miller's rear left shoulder.

The film also captured the sound of laughter coming from a Palestinian in a nearby building immediately after the shooting, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Oh yeah. the Israelis shot him. BAD Israelis. BAD BAD Israelis. I bet the part where palestinians laugh is fake too. Sheesh.


  • Your inclination to simply believe IDF did not shoot Mr Miller just because if IDF said so makes you look rather ridiculous.

    Forensic evidence has pinpointed the IDF APC that the bullet came from, and even the Israeli Advocate General advised that the commanding soldier, First Lieutenant Haib, be disciplined for illegal use of weapons and misconduct during the investigation.

    A separate UK inquiry returned a verdict of unlawful killing and, in light of the overwhelming evidence, was fiercely criticial of blatant IDF attempts at deceipt.

    To give you an idea of how ridiculous the IDF are, and how gullible you are ("An IDF doctor who was on the scene shortly after Miller was shot stated that the bullet entered into Miller's rear left shoulder") - the autopsy shows the guy was shot in the neck!

    Your entire life is based on the delusion that your side tells you the truth.

    If ignorance is bliss, you must be ecstatic.

    At time of writing, the murdered man's family have accepted a payout of £1.5 million for damages from Israel.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:20 PM, February 01, 2009  

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