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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Nazimedia gave me rash!

Look what I got!!! I got a rash from Nazimedia... It's right at my guest map. I left the entry (although I could've easily erased it) since I belive in freedom of speech. Unlike Nazimedia.
And the comment reads:

hope you realize that anti-zionism doesn't equal anti-semitism. Your ignorance amazes me. Thankfull I took it upon myself to email google and they've decided to put google back into the search. If you keep up this nationalism, there will never be peace in Israel and more jews will die.

I also seriously doubt your Israeli so why dont you go back to your American suburb and cry about the West Bank some more...there are no Israelis there so I dont know why you insist on occupying it! Thats the reason there is terror!

Anti zionism doesn't equal Anti-semitism. Just happens to be that zionism, is the dream of every jew, and most anti-zionists are rabid nutcase jewhaters. Other than that? no link at all.
Oh wow. Google put naizmedia back in the search? Amazing, as they were never removed from the search (see previous entry). And here comes my personal favorite: "If you keep up this nationalism, there will never be peace in Israel and more jews will die." Oh wow. thanks for clearing it up. So THATS what was making arabs kill jews in the last 100 years. It's MY nationalism. Thanks.
Yes, you caught me. I'm american, I live in the small American suburb named Beer-Sheva and it's right in the Negev desert. And as for the west bank, there are 200000 Israelis living there in case you don't know, and also, as the reason to terrorism is occupation, I suggest for Israel to withdraw it's forces from Derby,UK ASAP, since that's where the last two human bombs came from.
Thanks for visiting, Nazimedia freak, come by again.
And as for you guys who didn't sign my guest map yet, what the HELL are you waiting for?


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