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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The path to peace

The Israeli cabinet officialy accepted the "roadmap". And although the international media keeps painting sharon as a hawk, he isn't. Sharon is right-center. But him being part of the Likud is a great boost to peace efforts. You see, every peace deal has to pass the knesset. To get knesset approval you need a majority of 60 knesset members. This is why, only a right-wing brokered peace deal is guaranteed to pass. The left never had a real majority in Israel. It had to ally itself with center, sometimes rightist parties for a coalition government. And while attempting to pass a peace deal, the left had to force the centrist an rightist elements within its coalition to pass the deal by voting for it. Rabin's peace deals passed with small majorities. Right wing deals, not only get the likud support, but automaticly get the centrist and leftist support, thus passing with huge majorities and considered more stable. This is why, Sharon is probaly the only man out there capable of resolving the dispute with Palestinians and passing it through the Knesset.


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