Only In Israel

Friday, May 30, 2003


According to this Israel would withdraw from Palestinian population centers in return for Abu Mazen (and I'm not going to call that piece of filth Mahmoud Abbas, even if you pay me. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist) regaining "security control" of those areas. In short, Israelis get ready, we have a tough time ahead.
And on the same issue, terrorism, there are rumours around the mall I work in, that on tuesday they caught a homicide bomber with an explosive belt and a bag filled with 500 bullets in one of the entrances. The entrance is 10, maybe 20 meters from the place I work in, which gets me kinda scared. Beer-Sheva is a quiet town. I never considered my mall a target because of the large concentration of Beduins in it (They come from all around the desert to the mall to play video games. go fig), but then again, I was thinking that the terrorist bastards actualy CARED if they kill members of their own religion. Which obviously isn't correct.


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