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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day in Israel. This is the day where we remember 21,540 of our soldiers who died ensuring our existance as a democratic and independant nation. The Israeli government has put up a nice memorial site (Currently only in hebrew). Surfing it you can see the names of the dead: Israeli born, European Born, Asian Born, Israeli Arabs, Beduins, Duruz. Jews and Christians, Duruz and Cerces. All of whom made the greatest sacrifice for the sake of Israel. That's the Israeli melting pot right there, a never ending memorial of the way we live.
Notice that the Israeli Remembrance day and the Israeli independence day are one after the other. That shows us the nature of Israel more than anything else. From sorrow to joy, from mourning to celebrating, from dying to living. This teaches us the price of being an Independant, Democratic nation in the middle east. That teaches to never forget who gave us our freedom.
Let me finish with linking you to the words of a herew song "The Winter of 1973".


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