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Monday, May 12, 2003

Scary town, mate

The NYT published an interesting story today, that should get our british readers worried as hell (found the story through LGF).

"Killing people is wrong, obviously, but if he was doing it for God himself ? then fair enough," said the man, checking his cellphone for the time, so he could get to the bank before it closed. "You have to be pretty brave to do something like that, to hold a bomb in your hand and blow yourself up."

"What he's done is very good, and they won't ever find him," said Basu Hussain, 18, taking a break from his job at Lick'n Chick'n, a fast-food outlet. "We should all get together and kill all the Jews."

One young Derby Muslim who admires what Mr. Sharif is said to have done is Shaban Yasin, 17. He works at a halal fish, chips and kebab shop that caters to all manner of multiethnic culinary tastes. Suicide bombing, he said, is the "wrong way" to kill the Jews, adding that, "We should find out the best way to kill them, and do that."

Mr. Yasin grew up in Derby, too, and said that his parents, immigrants from Pakistan who settled here happily, had retired and were "living it large" on their British pensions. But, he said, he considers himself a Muslim first and foremost.

If he were to blow himself up for the cause, he said, "I think my parents would be proud of me."

Spooky place indeed. Now here's the problem. Millions of Muslim immigrants live in the western world. Most of them fully assimilated, contributing citizens, thankfull for the great opportunity given to them, to live their lives free of tyranny, to be able to work, and live their lives in honor, and grow their kids in a safe environment. The kids of those people never were in Morocco, Iraq, Pakistan or other hellholes. They don't know what opression is. They never seen what radical Islam can lead too. THEY are the danger here. And it needs to be dealt with, before it's too late.


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