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Monday, May 26, 2003

They can't be this stupid. Can they?

Ok, I found this trash in our referals list. Not suprisingly it comes from Baltimore Nazimedia, and it reads:

Someone posted my article/exposé on Henry Kissinger in India indymedia without my knowledge and maliciously entered a summary that includes a reference to Kissinger as "a grubby Jew." Anyone who has read the article on Kissinger knows that NOWHERE in the article is his race, religion or shoe size, for that matter, ever mentions. His evil supercedes all else, in any case. And, as my own great-grandfather was a Jew from Germany, I hardly think "grubby Jew" is a comment I would be likely to make!!

I also notice that the article was picked up, along with its phony summary by, so that anyone looking for articles in my name will see the "grubby Jew" comment. It was listed not once but TWICE in google, as if they wanted to make sure it was seen.

I am quite curious as to why this summary was inserted. Either it was done by a total idiot with their own prejudices or it was done manipulatively and maliciously by a professional propagandist seeking to damage my credibility and thus undermine the article on Kissinger. I suspect the latter. I guess I should take it as a compliment that someone in the CIA or wherever considers my writing threatening enough to resort to dirty tricks to try to undermine it.

Ahhh. Now I get it. CIA made you post antisemic posts on Nazimedia. Thanks for clearing that up, and here I was thinking Nazimedia had jewhaters in it.
And someone in oneo f those comments claims me or Charles of LGF, actualy take out time to post antisemic nonsense on Nazimedia. Well, morons, we actualy have a LIFE. You know, that think you can't download... And this LIFE we have actualy takes a bit of our time, so that we won't have the time to post hundreds of "kill the jews" articles on Nazimedias worldwide.


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