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Thursday, May 15, 2003

What is it with jewhaters today?

Is there some special holiday today that I should be aware of? If not, why does every waste of skin and perfectly good breathing air, crawls out from beneath a rock and trashes Israel today?
At a Canadian court, a man who helped Israel fight off Hizbullah failed to get canadian citizenship, since the Canadian government claimed he was involved in "war crimes" and began LISTING Israel's war crimes (no need to say that no charges were ever filed against Israeli individuals regarding war crimes, and certainly none of them were found guilty).

TORONTO - A man who spied on the terrorist group Hezbollah for the Israeli secret intelligence agency Mossad has been branded a war criminal by Canadian authorities, who said his actions helped Israel commit "heinous" atrocities.

In a ruling likely to raise diplomatic tensions between Canada and Israel, a lawyer representing the Minister of Immigration intervened in the Lebanese man's refugee case to argue his claim should be rejected for his role in Israeli "war crimes."

I've got nothing against Canadians, I'm sure they're good folks, but what the HELL is wrong with your government?


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