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Thursday, May 15, 2003

What's up with the Europeans?

Well, here are a fragments of the Fourth Reich's.. err... I meant EU's (easy to confuse the two) policy on ethnic minorities.
First to Britain. Where they're attempting to BAN kosher and halal slaughter, and thus make the Jewish and Muslim communities to either break the law, or eat non-fresh meat. The logic behind this is simple. The White christian folks aren't influenced, so why should we care about the rights of those who aren't white or christian. Similar Laws were already passed in Holland, Belgium, Norway and Denmark. To those of you who aren't aware of historic facts, the first law passed by the Nazi Parliament in Nurenberg was a law forbidding kosher butchering.

Dr MacArthur Clark said there is absolutely no doubt that stunning will always make the slaughter process more humane.

She said: "The rendering of unconsciousness is a very immediate thing that happens, therefore those animals are clearly suffering far far less because the period of time over which they suffer is extremely short."

To those of you unaware, both Muslim and Halal butcher severe the blood vessels on the animals neck, stopping blood flow to the brain. The moment blood flow is cut to the brain, there is no pain, and the animal dies instantly. The "suffering" you see next is unvoluntary instincts (for instance, once you cut the head off a chicken it begins to run, is anyone going to claim it actualy feels anything at that point?). The nazis used kosher butchering films in their most infamous propaganda movie "The eternal Jew" written by goebbels. They claimed it harms the animals and casues it terrible pain, showing the footage of the unvoluntary muscular response which follows the disconnection of the brain. Looks like Hitler's "uniting europe" dream is working.

And now, to FROGGYSTAN, the country where "jewhaters" is a compliment.
An Austrian citizen, who had his family murdered by nazis, sued the french rail company to accept responsibility for his parents death. How many Reichsmarks... errr. I meant Euros (here that Freudian slip goes again) did the man try to "squeeze off" (pre-emptive strike against the Nazimedia freaks) the French Rail company? 1 Euro. Apparently, 1 Euro to pay for assisting genocide is WAY too much for a French court. They tossed him out, saying the case is unacceptable since "more than 10 years" passed from the time the crime was comitted. In the same breath poinitng out that the Railroad company records connecting it to nazis were released in the 70s (which is only 25 years too late to sue! woo-hoo).

From NYTimes story:

ARIS, May 14 ? A Paris court today rejected a lawsuit charging France's national railroad company with the equivalent of complicity in crimes against humanity for deporting Jews to Nazi death camps during Germany's wartime occupation of France. The court ruled that a 10-year statute of limitations applied in this case.

and from the VOA story:

In issuing its ruling, the court did not say whether the railroad was partially responsible for the deportation of tens of thousands of French Jews during the war. It said most of the facts about the conduct of the Nazi-installed regime that ruled wartime France have been public record since the 1970's

"Nazi-installed government"? Excuse me? General Pe'tten, of the French military signed the surrender deal three days after the French crossed the Maginot line (Is Maginot french for "welcome" or something?). It wasn't Nazi installed. It was a French leader openly cooperating with the nazis.
Well, grab that old brown uniform, polish those boots of yours, cause the EU has a bright future ahead.


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