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Monday, June 30, 2003

Cease fire?

All the major media is writing mass headlines of "Hamas announces a cease-fire". Looking at the Hamas declaration it doesn't look like it. And I quote:

"A. Suspension of the military operations against the Zionist enemy for three months, effective today, in return for the following conditions:

"1. An immediate cessation of all forms of Zionist aggression against our Palestinian people including incursions, destruction, closures and sieges on cities, villages and refugee camps, including the siege imposed on President Yasser Arafat, house demolitions, leveling of agricultural land and assaults against land, property and Christian and Islamic holy sites, especially the holy Al Aqsa Mosque. In addition, the immediate cessation of all individual assassination operations, massacres, collective measures, all arrests and deportations against our people, leaders, cadres and fighters.

"2. The release of all prisoners and detainees, Palestinian and Arab, from occupation prisons without condition or restriction and the return to their homes first and foremost of those who have spent long periods and those with lengthy sentences, women, children, the sick and elderly.

"B. In the event that the enemy does not act according to these conditions and commitments, or violates any of them, we see ourselves unencumbered by this initiative and we hold the enemy responsible for the consequences."

In short, Hamas demands the release of all Palestinian prisoners: terrorists, theivs, rapists, convicted murderers, child mollestors, crooks, all of them, but more than that, they demand Israel to release not just the Palestinian prisoners, but the arab ones too. Which means that if you're an Israeli arab, who just beated his wife, according to Hamas, you should walk out of jail.
Hamas knows pretty well Israel isn't going to release prisoners it holds after a trial and fit procedures, the "ceasfire" is just another phony PR trick which is all too obvious.


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