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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Evacuating territory

A few days after a 7 year old girl was killed by Palestinian terrorists, Israel began evacuating illegal outposts. While I can understand how evacuating people who took over land illegal is logical and correct (especialy after watching them beat up police and IDF troops who work all year round to defend the ungratefull bastards), I think the US, nor the EU must allow themselves to get carried into an ethnic cleansing attempt.
"Evacuating Settlers" is a whitewash. It's a codename for removing people of land they legaly bought, simply because they're part of a certain religion or ethnicity. It's called ethnic, cleansing, and if I'm not mistaken it was EXACTLY why US bombed Serbia for. The Israeli society has accepted a small arab minority among us, why can't the palestinian society accept even a smaller amount of jews among them? Is it really too much to ask?
Legitimizing the ethnic cleansing of jews simply because they're jews is an unusual step. And what's even more unusual, it's regarded as a consensus. "settlments must go", they say. And I say, why should they?
Last time they were removing people off their lands for being jewish the year was 1939 and it was called "judenrein".


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