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Monday, June 30, 2003

Googlenews, Chapter 3,488

And again, surfing at google news searching for "BBC Israel Nuclear", I've encountered a weird phenomenon, a weblink to an article, where the source nor date are mentioned:

Clicking on the link, one reaches a jihadist site named "jihadunspun". And here are some of the fascinating articles on the site: "We Kill Arab Children In Y's Name" (I'm unwilling to say the Y word, it's a jewish thing).
As well as an article titled "US Silent About Sweeping Zio-Nazi Arrests In Hebron", which contains the following quote:

Occupied Jerusalem - The Jewish-controlled American administration said Wednesday it wouldn't comment on the mass internment of hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children in Hebron Tuesday.

All of the following articles (and more) can be reached by searching googlenews for "jihadunspun jews" or "jihadunspun jewish", Googlenews clearly know th nature of the source, why else would they hide it's name on the search page?
Those are exactly the kind of things Nazimedia was kicked off Google for. Let's see if Google will do the correct step again.