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Monday, June 09, 2003

Likud gathering

Sharon's speech today in the Likud party center was quite extraordinary. People were shouting "Go home" while others were chanting "Sharon, the king of Israel". But the point missed by the world media is that the Likud convention is unimportant. The likud convention is a rightist body in a party that owes atleast half of its mandates to center and center-right moderate policies. No matter how much Feiglin and his bunch of hooligans scream at the elected Prime minister, it still won't matter. And no matter how much Netanyahu will try to stab Sharon in the back, it won't matter to the Israeli public, who still knows, who was a better prime minister, Sharon.
Sharon has ENORMOUS popularity ratings. It moves around 70-80% of the public. And no amount of screaming in the Likud convention is going to stop Sharon from doing what most Israelis want. Achieving peace.


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