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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

BBC Bias-watch

Well here's something that happened while I was away. The BBC has broadcasted a hatefull movie, filled with lies, deception and utter propaganda in regards to the Israeli nuclear policy, and in response the Israeli government decided to severe all ties with the BBC

JERUSALEM - The television documentary that was rebroadcast twice the last weekend in June by the British Broadcasting Corp. was titled Israel's Secret Weapon, and its intent, with the help of hidden cameras, was to expose Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program.

The documentary, originally aired in March, criticized what it characterized as Western hypocrisy that allows Israel to develop weapons of mass destruction while demanding that other countries end their own such activities under threat of force.

To those of view who didn't watch the show I wanted to raise a few points. First of all the makers of the movie attempted to make Mordechai Vanunu, a traitor, into a saint. They kept referring to him as "The nuclear whistleblower" and neglecting to mention the fact he SOLD his knowledge form illions of dollars paid by the "sunday telegraph". He sold secret military information to the press, he betrayed his country for MONEY. I guess that's the stuff they make "whistleblowers" from.
Furthermore, the BBC tried to compare Israel to Iraq. Israel, which never signed any agreement which accepts inspections on its soil (unlike Iraq's gulf war surrender deal) is compared to a Dictatorship which gasses its citizens. The entire documentary was filled with lies, and half-truths, and the most terrible moment was at the end, as the credits ran over a drawing of Mordechai Vanunu. He was drawn in the form of a drawing you might see in Yad-Vashem or other holocasut museums, behind a fence, with evil guards with clubs behind him. It was outright unbelievable, for a moment there I thought I wasn't seeing too well.
Anyhow, the BBC probably haven't learned their lesson yet and will continue to spew anti-Israeli and anti-Western propaganda, luckily, we're in good company. Tony Blair has a rift with the BBC as well.


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