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Friday, July 25, 2003

Single mothers protest

Sorry for the source, but the closest international source I could find for this (which wasn't pakistan times) was the BBC.
Israeli single mothers are protesting against the budget cut in their welfare. Right now, next to the ministry of Finance in Jerusalem there's a giant complex of tents of various pressure groups protesting the cut of welfare.
I have a few things to say about this that people might not like. Those mothers need to get jobs.
Why am I qualified to say so? Well you see, my mom is a single mom. My father isn't even in the country. When we arrived here from Russia in 1992, my mom didn't have a job, didn't have any job expertise, and had to feed me and herself, while moving to a new country. She washed floors when she had too, she worked in the most humiliating jobs possible, till she got enough money to go to an english teacher's course. She's now the head of the English faculty in a College in Israel, learning for her Doctor's degree in Linguistics. My mother was ASHAMED of going to Social Security and asking for welfare. Those single moms are DEMANDING that. And that's precisely the problem of the Israeli society. All shame is gone. If once, people who didn't serve in the military because of convinience were socialy banned, they now get media coverage and are regarded to as a legitimate organisation. The same goes for the single moms. I don't like Netanyahu, In fact, I despise the guy. But when he has a point, I'm willing to give it to him. Welfare to people who refuse to work shouldn't exist.


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