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Thursday, July 17, 2003

The UN's secret

I was chatting with a reader of mine on IRC (let me again recommend the #politics channel on the Undernet IRC network), and we somehow entered a discussion about the UN's credibility, or lack of thereof, and I mentioned the UN being a nazi-loving den. He wanted "proof", so I searched and found the following article.

Former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim has been on a watch list of unwanted people since 1987 — when Justice Department probers found he "assisted or participated" in Nazi deportations and the executions of Jews and soldiers in the Balkans during World War II.

But that hasn't stopped the world body from larding the ex-Wehrmacht intelligence officer with an annual pension of $124,754 — which he receives in Vienna and can expect to collect every year until the day he dies, the Daily News has learned.

The American taxpayer has shelled out about 24% of the tab for the 83-year-old Waldheim, who served two five-year terms as UN boss from 1972 to 1982 — and has been a UN pensioner ever since.

Weirdly enough, most people aren't aware the UN ever had a nazi officer as a general secretary. None of them (including me till recently) were aware he was getting money from the UN to this day, even after his ghoulish past was exposed. This makes me wish my country would pull out its representatives out of the UN ASAP. From being a world class forum of discussion it turned into a room where 3rd world, toiletless dictators wearing a dress tell developed western democracies what to do. Can't say I like it. What we really need is an independent forum, comprised solely of democratic countries. Let's call it DN, "Democratic Nations", which respect the national aurhorities of one another rather than tell each other what to do in their internal politics.


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