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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Report 1

Exactly two weeks ago, I wrote the last post on this blog. I left on Sunday to join the IDF which turned out to be quite a meaningfull experience.
I began by taking a bus from my local draft center to the "Bakum". The reception base. There we got our uniforms, injections, DNA checks, and were fingerprinted. Practicly everyone who were drafted on that day were going to the Artillery units of the IDF. Units I was happy to join.
Let me explain.
I'm an only child. In Israel, the IDF usualy refuses to take people with no brothers or sisters to combat units. And you must have your parents signature to go to combat while being an only child. The chances my mom would sign on for me to go to the paratroopers or some commando units are slightly smaller than the chances I'll sprout wings and fly to Atlantis. After 3 years of fighting with my mom, we reached an agreement. I won't attempt to join the commando units I want to go to, and she'll sign on me going to the Artillery units (which are also considered combat units, and serve in the territories) in the IDF.
Anyhow, moving back to my story. Many of the people who reached the Bakum with me, didn't want to go to artillery. That part of the military isn't respected enough and generaly considered IDF's suckers, doing all the dirty work, noone else wants to do. Among the people who were with me in the Bakum, many tried to get out on medical reasons (suddenly everyone remembered they had Astma when they were kids, or the many broken ribs they had). Most of them didn't succeed, and so we moved on to our first night in the military. Wearing uniforms, we went to sleep in tents. Before we did, our temporary commanders gave us a speech about what people must do to defend their country. About how each and every one of us owe our freedom, the fun we have on weekends, the times we go out with our girlfriends to the people who stand, in the same time in the cold or heat of the outside defending our asses. I really didn't need that motivation speech, I knew that idea, but it sure as hell strengthened my beliefs. Other weren't as influenced. Some of them just wanted to get a "job". A military position close to home, working as a clerk or some other buerocratic position, basicly sitting on their asses all day and diong nothing.
Right before sleep, I had a big argument with a few folks in my tent. I managed to convert most of them. And I made myself some friends. One of them, Josh, was from the US. He went to Berkley U, and left his studies to join the IDF. He came to Israel alone, and lives in a kibbutz. As it happened, me and Josh were separated and he went on to some secret IDF commando unit.
On the second day, the military began screwing with me.
Everyone in our tents mounted on the buses to the Artillery basic training base in the south of Israel. Me and a small group of soldiers were sent to "Mashakit Tash", a military clerk, that takes care of social problems of the soldiers. When I reached her, it turned out, they lost the form my mom signed on to, allowing me to serve in combat units. After half an hour or so they found the form, and I was released, when the Mashakit tash, quickly tiped something into her computer. As we left her office, I was again separated from the rest of the group. They mounted a bus and went to the Artillery base. I was sent to wait on the other side of the camp with some group of crooks, criminals and basicly lazy slobs who have refused to leave the bakum for a month or so.
After a chat with the guys (in which one of them discussed how many people he stabbed in his life), I understood there clearly was a mistake. I went to my commander, who refused to speak to me, telling me, that atleast for the week, I'll be staying in the Bakum. I did what I do best. I started a giant scandal, in which every single commander got shouted at, and I gave them an ultimatum. Either they put me on the bus to the artillery base within 5 minutes, or they'll have to handcuff me and put me in military jail for wanting to serve in combat.
It worked.
Turned out the imbecile Mashakit tash, doesn't control her hebrew that well. Instead of writing "It was an error he was sent to me" she tiped "He was sent to his unit by an error".
Anyhow, I mounted the bus to my future.
The moment we arrived to Shivta, where we go through our basic training sessions, the commanders began getting us used to what we will go through the next few months. Screaming, Yelling and frightening the living hell out of us. After a few days in the military we got used to it. Basicly, that was what we call "Trom-Tironut". Pre-training. On that week we took tests for the military to decide to which branch of Artillery will we go to. I attempted to go through a test for a secret unit there which basicly serves in a secret position with secret weapons. Something you know nothing about, and nor do I.
The tests to that unit (which I'm forbidden to name) came in three phases. A physical test you had to pass, being bossed around and kicked around doing meaningless things, including lifting heavy weights fmo one spot to another adn brining them back for the commander for hours till about 2/3rds the group decided, from their own will to leave. I passed that phase. Then came the interview, and a few psychological tests.
Apparently I didn't pass those. Because when on Thursday, I got the data on where will I serve, I wasn't chosen for that unit. I was chosen to serve in the MLRS (Multi Launching Rocket System) units in the Artillery part of the IDF.
Since friday, our ass was getting kicked by our commanders. We have a female commander, which we like to refer to as "the satan". She keeps dropping us all to 40 push ups for "pissing her off". Anyhow, unusualy, I was stuck in the base during our first weekend. Which was a lot funner than I thought... All the friends together, sitting around, chatting... Doing absolutely nothing. And it all ended on Saturday night. The moment shabbath ended we've began running again. We spent the rest of the week learning about our weapon (the Galil assault rifle) and beggining to shoot. Personaly I scored better than average results. This went on for three days, during which all we ate was canned food.
Anyhow, on Friday we left home, and it looks like we're going to spend the entire next week training in shooting. I know this report is kinda short-written, that's because I'm leaving early tommorow morning and I still need to pack. See you all in two weeks. (Hopefully less).

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Well, see you in a week or two

I'm all packed, ready to go to the IDF. I was just about to go to the bed when I remembered I haven't said goodbye to my readers. Tommorow at 8 AM I'll be on my way to the "bakum" or reception base, where I'll make my first steps as a soldier. I have no idea how much time will pass till I get home (two weeks or maybe I'll be back this weekend) but you wont' see any new posts. I promise that when I'll get back, I'll write all I've been through.
Oh, and one more thing. Trolls might use the time I'm not here to act idioticaly, please disregard.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

"We're sorry, you're just not democratic enough"

This story sent me laughing on the floor. The Arab League won't except the interim government of Iraq as a member because... (are you ready?) They weren't elected by the people of Iraq.
The arab league has 22 member countries (oops.. 21 now), non of which is democratic, and most of which don't even have a parliament.

CAIRO, Egypt - Arab League members decided Tuesday not to recognize Iraq's U.S.-appointed Governing Council, saying they will wait until a government is elected.

"The council is a start, but it should pave the way for a legitimate government that can be recognized," league Secretary-General Amr Moussa said after a committee of foreign ministers met to forge a unified stance on how to deal with Iraq.

The Iraqi Governing Council did not send representatives to Tuesday's meeting in Cairo. Council members had bristled at earlier hints from Moussa that the Arab League would not embrace it.

"We don't want to go where we are not welcome," council member Naseer Kamel al-Chaderchi told Qatar's al-Jazeera television last month. No immediate comment was available Tuesday from the Governing Council in Baghdad.

Well, personally I appluad Amr Moussa's honesty. Unelected governments are NOT legitimate.. good point. As an egyptian, I'm wondering when will Amr Moussa leave his post as part of a non-legitimate government

Feel the love

Homoerotic ways of showing attraction obviously seem to catch among Palestinian prisoners.

Don't drop the soap.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Flood Alert!

The Nazimedia creeps are back for another round of attempting to flood my blog. These idiotic freaks and their self hating masters are gonna flood this blog in the next few hours. Sorry for the discomfort.
It's ashame that the management of Nazimedia allowed such hatefull posts calling for an illegal action such as flooding.


What the hell is wrong with these people???

Well, the following story has been aired on various Israeli TV stations two days ago. A councilman from Dachau, Germany, demands to destroy the remains of the concentration camp and (wait till you hear this) built a residential neighbourhood there. I waited for it to be brought up by the international press, but it didn't happen, apparently they don't consider it important enough. I'm going to translate the story from the Israeli source, Walla.

Robert Konopka is tired of his town and the concentration camp in it sharing the same name, according to him, the 50 years that passed are enough to demolish the camp and build a residential neighbourhood there. He complains: Jews have more power than their relative size in world population.

The Dachau councilman demands the Dachau mayor to demolish the concetration camp and build a residential complex on top of it. He says the main problem of the city is the fact that it's name is identical to the name of the concentration camp found in it.

According to Robert Konopka, after 50 years you can change the name of the city and remove parts of the museum which was formed on the remains of the camp. In a meeting with a group of Israeli journalists, Konopka said: "You have to stop telling us that we're guilty". Konokpa wasn't ashamed to repeat actual antisemitic quotes in front of the group. He says the Jews have too much power in the world although they are a small proportion of its population.

Very much like the citizens of Dachau in 1933, that pretended they didn't know what the camp was for and what was done there, nowadays citizens also prefer to forget what happened. The Israeli channel 2 reported that in conversations conducted with various citizens of the town, virtually all of them had supporter Konopka's offer. "I think it's a good idea to destroy the camp. Too many people come here, and the enterance there is free." said Madlen, a citizen of Dachau.

Max Meinhemer, a holocaust survivor living in the city, is tying to fight off this new offer. "As long as I live I will fight this and shall not allow Konopka to achieve his dream", he said to the repoters. Konopka told the group of reporters he shall wait for the day the last holocaust survivor dies, to get his plan done, get a bulldozer and destroy the compound.

Ok, you can get out of the shock now. No, this isn't 1938. The year is 2003. The place is the EU. And yes, this is for real.
When I was in Poland with my school delegation in 2001, I was especially shocked when I visited Majdanek. It's a death camp located on the outskirts of the Polish city of Lublin. The gas chambers and the houses are barely 100 meters apart. There's a nice field of grass near the death camp, where parents strolled, and kids rided their bikes. A small Polish girl was picking flowers.
It was simply sorreal looking at it. Here I was, standing in a death camp, where the earth was GRAY because it was filled with human ashes, and 10 meters from me, behind the old electrical fences was a small girl picking flowers in a gray field. I was so shocked, I'm still getting goosebumps thinking about this scene. Europe hasn't learned a thing. I'm beggining to think it won't, either.
That's why it's so comfortable for various European groups to compare Israel to the Nazis.. when you think about it, it enables you to say: "Hey, we allmost got all the nazis back in the 40s". How convinient.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Nazimedia creep floods the blog

Well, an OFFICIAL represenatative of indymedia Israel, hailing to us from Israel has took the effort to flood our site with nonsensical propaganda crap. This will not fly here. Comment system was replaced, and I'm working on copying all older comments to the new system. The asshole also took the effort to flood my Visitor map, the creeps entries were again. erased. Not because I dont' like dissent, but because it was a flood. One entry for each, numbskull.
You might wanna check the last comment thread to see what kind of creeps Indymedia Israel holds.

An Apology

Well, I owe my readers an apology for not blogging for the latest week. It's just been a bit overwhelming, I worked every day (trying to train the people who take my position after I leave for the IDF), and had plenty on my mind (especialy my mom going nuts over the hijacked soldiers in northern israel and threatening to disallow me from going to combat units if I don't swear to never hitch-hike). I'm quitting work this Tuesday, and till Sunday, I'll be work-free and blogging on.
And here's something I got completed last sunday, but forgot to publish. Remember the protest of ISM (International Speedbump Movement) protest against the security fence Israel is building? Well israeliguy reported that he saw a stroy on Israeli TV where the little dimwits were shouting "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free", basicly calling for the destruction of Israel. Well I've got the video clip from Israeli news right here. (right click and Save as, as usual.. and oh yeah, you'll need RealPlayer for that).

Nazimedia Israel speaks about "credibility"

Oh looky looky, I've got noticed. Someone posted my prank call to the ISM in Nazimedia, Israel. I didn't post it on Nazimedia (yeah, like I'd post anything there.) but their comment was nevertheless amusing, and I quote:

Unsubstantiated accusation is removed
We are removing this unsubstantiated accusation against ISM.
If you have any proof that the conversation took place.
If you have a recording of the conversation, or any future conversation you can prove is legitimate, you can publish it here and you can be sure that it will remain.
But you can't possibly expect that unsutbstantiated accusations (therefore slander) will be given space.
Indymedia Israel Web-Editing Group
As long as you have no supporting evidence, we will remove any future postings of the same statement.
Either get proof or get removed.

Oh weird.. MY phone call in unsubstantiated, but THIS is???

"(HEBRON 29 MARCH 2002)-Sources inside the IDF relayed information stating that 1000s have already been killed in the death factories today located near Hebron in under ground compound our sources working undercover in the IDF said there’s no stopping the butcher Sharon, “he is set on killing every last Palestinian on the earth if you are Palestinian. Don’t let the IDF load you onto the trucks cause if the do you are dead.” The factories of death have the capacity to kill 800 per hour per unit; there are 5 units that consist of off loading system of truck docks and escalators type load moving devices."

Thanks for clearing it up nazimedia. Claims Israel operates gas chambers are substantiated. But prank calls to ISM? hell no.