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Monday, August 04, 2003

Nazimedia Israel speaks about "credibility"

Oh looky looky, I've got noticed. Someone posted my prank call to the ISM in Nazimedia, Israel. I didn't post it on Nazimedia (yeah, like I'd post anything there.) but their comment was nevertheless amusing, and I quote:

Unsubstantiated accusation is removed
We are removing this unsubstantiated accusation against ISM.
If you have any proof that the conversation took place.
If you have a recording of the conversation, or any future conversation you can prove is legitimate, you can publish it here and you can be sure that it will remain.
But you can't possibly expect that unsutbstantiated accusations (therefore slander) will be given space.
Indymedia Israel Web-Editing Group
As long as you have no supporting evidence, we will remove any future postings of the same statement.
Either get proof or get removed.

Oh weird.. MY phone call in unsubstantiated, but THIS is???

"(HEBRON 29 MARCH 2002)-Sources inside the IDF relayed information stating that 1000s have already been killed in the death factories today located near Hebron in under ground compound our sources working undercover in the IDF said there’s no stopping the butcher Sharon, “he is set on killing every last Palestinian on the earth if you are Palestinian. Don’t let the IDF load you onto the trucks cause if the do you are dead.” The factories of death have the capacity to kill 800 per hour per unit; there are 5 units that consist of off loading system of truck docks and escalators type load moving devices."

Thanks for clearing it up nazimedia. Claims Israel operates gas chambers are substantiated. But prank calls to ISM? hell no.



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