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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

What the hell is wrong with these people???

Well, the following story has been aired on various Israeli TV stations two days ago. A councilman from Dachau, Germany, demands to destroy the remains of the concentration camp and (wait till you hear this) built a residential neighbourhood there. I waited for it to be brought up by the international press, but it didn't happen, apparently they don't consider it important enough. I'm going to translate the story from the Israeli source, Walla.

Robert Konopka is tired of his town and the concentration camp in it sharing the same name, according to him, the 50 years that passed are enough to demolish the camp and build a residential neighbourhood there. He complains: Jews have more power than their relative size in world population.

The Dachau councilman demands the Dachau mayor to demolish the concetration camp and build a residential complex on top of it. He says the main problem of the city is the fact that it's name is identical to the name of the concentration camp found in it.

According to Robert Konopka, after 50 years you can change the name of the city and remove parts of the museum which was formed on the remains of the camp. In a meeting with a group of Israeli journalists, Konopka said: "You have to stop telling us that we're guilty". Konokpa wasn't ashamed to repeat actual antisemitic quotes in front of the group. He says the Jews have too much power in the world although they are a small proportion of its population.

Very much like the citizens of Dachau in 1933, that pretended they didn't know what the camp was for and what was done there, nowadays citizens also prefer to forget what happened. The Israeli channel 2 reported that in conversations conducted with various citizens of the town, virtually all of them had supporter Konopka's offer. "I think it's a good idea to destroy the camp. Too many people come here, and the enterance there is free." said Madlen, a citizen of Dachau.

Max Meinhemer, a holocaust survivor living in the city, is tying to fight off this new offer. "As long as I live I will fight this and shall not allow Konopka to achieve his dream", he said to the repoters. Konopka told the group of reporters he shall wait for the day the last holocaust survivor dies, to get his plan done, get a bulldozer and destroy the compound.

Ok, you can get out of the shock now. No, this isn't 1938. The year is 2003. The place is the EU. And yes, this is for real.
When I was in Poland with my school delegation in 2001, I was especially shocked when I visited Majdanek. It's a death camp located on the outskirts of the Polish city of Lublin. The gas chambers and the houses are barely 100 meters apart. There's a nice field of grass near the death camp, where parents strolled, and kids rided their bikes. A small Polish girl was picking flowers.
It was simply sorreal looking at it. Here I was, standing in a death camp, where the earth was GRAY because it was filled with human ashes, and 10 meters from me, behind the old electrical fences was a small girl picking flowers in a gray field. I was so shocked, I'm still getting goosebumps thinking about this scene. Europe hasn't learned a thing. I'm beggining to think it won't, either.
That's why it's so comfortable for various European groups to compare Israel to the Nazis.. when you think about it, it enables you to say: "Hey, we allmost got all the nazis back in the 40s". How convinient.


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