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Friday, May 07, 2004

Nazimedia at GoogleNews. Chapter 5,842

Remember the old Nazimedia and GoogleNews threads? We've got Googlenews to remove Nazimedia, then they returned it, then removed it, then returned bits of edited threads from Nazimedia. This has obiously failed, because today searching for "poland "jewish history" society" one of the search results was a Nazimedia thread, telling me to watch the movie "The Eternal Jew", produced by Goebbels depicting jews as animals.

The thread in Nazimedia reads:

The Eternal Jew

The best documentary film on the Jews ever produced, with a new English sound track.

Jews were filmed as they actually lived and worked in Poland in 1940. Jewish history, religion, society, cultural tendencies, and business practices are explored.

The Jewish ritual-slaughter section has the most horrifying scenes ever filmed. Shows Jews as they really are.

And I won't even post the disgusting antisemitic caricature posted on that thread. It's the original movie cover, and naturaly, is a vile, nazi propaganda caricature depicting jews as satans and animals.
The movie itself, shows a selection of videos taken of mentally disabled people dressed in traditional jewish wear, with yarmulkas ETC, shows them at animals, and at the end shows what the Nazis claimed was a result of a "Jewish slaughter" of a cow, which is indeed horrible to see, as it has nothing to do with kosher butchering but with an animal dying.

You can Email Google here to tell them what you think of their policy of allowing such scum on their newsfeed.