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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Another Cycle

The Israeli army is built on cycles. Every few months new soldiers arive, new soldiers are drafted, new commanders course open, new officers course opens. In short, everything jumps forward and people get advanced, people leave, new people join the teams.
Now is such a time. A new cycle has began.
The March 04 recruits are almost here. In a few days I'll be celebrating a year in the military, and the August 04, what you my call "my sons" soldiers will join the force for basic training. Until this cycle, everything kept moving for me, I began new courses, I finished old courses, I got new friends every few months. I almost felt adjusted to getting to know new people, I mean my cellphone practicly ran out of memory because of the number of people I've met and I atleast try to keep in touch with, even though I don't see them so often anymore. But now, this works the other way. I'm the one remaining in place, and everyone else around me are shifting. My commander is now a civie, so is one of my officers. Friends, people who I've learned to know, get used to, people with whom I've been for 4 months, who have been the closest thing to me are now living. Many of them will return as commanders, others chose to move on different paths, becoming paramedics, taking deskjobs when offered, ETC.
It's not that my world is falling apart around me, it's just that there are too many things shifting, and I'm not sure I'm ready this time for another round of starting from scratch with people. I've come to reach the conclusion that I just "know" too many people. I mean when I get bored and wanna call someone it's not "hmmm. who can I possibly call..." it's more of "hmmm... which one am I gonna call now...".
Keeping in touch with people becomes more and more difficult, and I guess my real fear is losing some of my old friends. Naturally I'm not as close with my schoolbuddies as I used to, but I do keep in touch with most. I certainly am in could touch with my best friends from highschool.
I really thought I'd get used to knowing new people and I guess I did, I just didn't get used to saying goodbye to people I love who have served with me. I really loved my crew this cycle. We've been a good team, we knew how to work together, everyone seemed to fall in place just right. And now out of 6 people it's just me remaining. I guess I'm having a hard time because we were such a good crew, with such excellent teamwork and human chemistry.
Soon we'll find out what March 04 is gonna look like.


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