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Friday, July 09, 2004

The Internationals

Today the ICJ is going to give it's ruling on Israel's anti-terrorism barrier. It's obvious that they're going to say that the evil jews are stealing palestinian land because they want to hijack their babies and make matzoh balls out of them, but let's all act surprised when they give their rulling on how evil Israel is.
My opinion is, unsurprsingly, that Israel should tell the ICJ to f___ off and mind it's own business. I don't understand why do internationals with no relation whatsoever to Israel are doing interfering with out internal business. And even in the case they do want to walk in on the behalf of the Palestinians, to act as if they have the authority to tell a sovereign, democratic nation, what to do is insolent.
As a soldier, I happen to meet with a few international activists now and then.
First there are the UN observers in the Golan Heights. They're abnoxiously snobby and bossy and feel the need to tell us soldiers what to do and command us, as if we were their soldiers. They come to the base and demand to be allowed in (which we can't do, if they don't have an officer accompanying them), and when we stress that we have to wait for approval from the higher ranks they threaten us with international complaints (not that I care).
There are some Polish guys in that UN force, they were chatting fervently next to me, mentioning the word "zhyd" all too often.
Then there's the TIPH force in Hebron. A few years ago, a palestinian policeman shot and killed two TIPH observers, the group later on moved to claim it was an IDF covert operation using palestinian police uniform.
And then, top of the tops, there's the ISM. It's actions disrupt everyday IDF activity. Although they haven't tried to storm a checkpoint I was serving in, I did see them from a distance conducting a "protest" it included some hooded guys from the Al Aqsa martyrs brigades, as well as chants of "From the river to the sea Palestine will be free" (as this blog has once proven them to say), and active violence against IDF soldiers merely doing their duty.

I fail to understand what do foreigners from across the world have to do in Israel, politically. It is naturally, their right to come here and protest what they view as wrong, and as a democracy, Israel should respect that right, but the idea of outsiders intervening in this conflict is somehow wrong from the core. They're europeans, who know nothing about the origins of the conflict, they know nothing about palestinian lives, but what they hear on the slanted news reports in their home countries. And the part which most saddens me, is that they know nothing about Israeli life in the shadow of constant terrorist attacks, nor do they try to find out. They come here, with a set opinion, move to a war zone, and when what they witness is, indeed war, they are shocked and astonished at it.
The UN itself, which I continue to view as a racist body, filled with third world toiletless, dress wearing thugs telling democracies what to do, naturally sends here the kind of people it likes. I would hate to use the Antisemitism card, but it does seem to me that when two UN observers talk secretively with each other when the word starring in that conversation is "zhyd", something might be said on their opinions of jews.
It would also appear quite misterious that the TIPH observers come mostly from arabic background, many of them immigrants to the countries they represent in the international force. I do not care about their nationality or background, but when checked with their behaviour, it's quite clear which side are they on.
With the attitude of the UN representatives in Israel, I wouldn't be surprised with anything they'd do.
Well, anyone putting any bets on what the court rulling on the barrier will be?


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