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Saturday, July 10, 2004

They're the guys who don't care about Israeli kids

The more I read about the ICJ the more disgusted I feel that THESE are the people who judge Israel. Let's go over them one by one, shall we?

Here are the people who love dead Israeli kids

First, the President of the ICJ judge Shi Jiuyong of China that's right, China. You know the country where they censor SMS messages and lock up people who say the wrong things for "re-education" in prisons. Yep, that's the country who sent the guy who headed the court which judged Israel's anti-terrorism barrier as "illegal".

Next, judge Ranjeva of Madagascar, who's country like Israel, the US, and other decent countries hasn't accepted the ICJ's juridiction. So the court which has no right to intervene in his country's business has a right to intervene in mine, great logic, eh?

Let's move on to judge Guillaume of France. It's good we've discussed Madagascar earlier, because France occupies land in Madagascar, the isles of Bassas da India, Europa Island, Glorioso Islands, and Juan de Nova Island are all Madagascar's territory occupied by France. France also occupies Clipperton Island, French Polynesia, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, New Caledonia, Tromelin Island, Wallis, Futuna, Adelie, Mayotte and Matthew and Hunter Islands. A long list isn't it?
Noone discusses France's invasion (which was unauthorised by the UN) into Ivory Coast last year, where it overturned a democraticly elected government and caused a civil war which claimed thousands of victims. The Ivorians now fight to get the french off their land. Without even mentioning France's support for Saddam and his rape chambers, mass graves. We always know it's up to FRANCE where they tell muslim girls how to dress for school and burn synagouges and mosques on daily basis to judge Israel and tell us what to do.

Next in line is Judge Abdul Koroma of Sierra-Leone. Sierra-Leone is Largely a third world hellhole, where a campaign of Jihad has been waged against innocent civilians (the country has a 60% muslim majority). There is still an ongoing conflict in the country, and it still occupies the town of Yenga, which is on Liberian land. That's right, a military occupation of civilian population, oh the horrors. Wonder if that's legal for judge Koroma...

Moving on to judge Vereshchetin of Russia. His country is currently involved in an illegal occupation of Chechnya, the Russians are much less mercifull than Israelis, or Americans. When they have a problem with someone, they raze their cities and burn their villages. Quoting a reporter on the spot: "I have been to Vukovar, Sarajevo and Mostar in the bad times, but I have never seen so much destruction in such a small area: homes smashed into matchwood, whole streets demolished. The village had been annihilated." In just another example of what is LEGAL for Vereshchetin's country to do. But a non-violent means of stopping terrorism? ILLEGAL WALL! we should compensate the poor palestinians.

Judge Higgins of Britain must've forgot that her country currently occupies Gibraltar, Falklands, British Indian Ocean Territory, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Noone would ever bother britain on that, but it is funny how you tend to forget illegal occupations when they're taken by your country. I also wonder what is Higgins policy on the separation walls in Northern Ireland. Another region occupied by Britain.

And here comes Judge Parra-Aranguren of Venezuela, that's right Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, you know the country where the president unleashed the police to shoot a few protestors. It's so nice he gets to judge Israel's policy on Palestinians.
And next judge Kooijmans of the Netherlands, that's right, that country which occupies Aruba and the Antilles. Wonder what netherlands has to say of years of illegal occupation of the Antilles.

Hey, maybe judge Rezek of Brazil could shed a little light on it. After all, it is his country that is occupying Isles which are part of Uruguay in the Cuareim area. Brazil hasn't accepted ICJ's jurisdiction, which means judge Rezek's country wouldn't care about his opinion on the legality of its policies. Interstingly enough, he thinks Israel should.
Brazil itself builds a 3-meters wall around Rio-De-Janeiro's slums. I bet THAT separation wall is legal, after all, it doesn't help save jewish lives.

Judge Owada of Japan can tell us all about occupying Senkaku Islands and the fishing rich Take-shima area without giving it's inhabitants citizenship while settling japanese citizens there. Anyone said settlements are illegal? obviously not for Japan.

Judge Simma of Germany, France's ally in the Axis of Weasels and another staunch defender of saddam and his policies. The people who wanted to see Saddam stay in power, get to judge Israel's right to defend itself. Interestingly, Germany hasn't accepted the ICJ's jurisdiction. It wouldn't bother Simma to judge Israel ofcourse. After all, double standarts is what goes in the EU...

Judge Tomka of Slovenia, yet another country who hasn't accepted the ICJ jurisdiction. Interestingly enough, he obviously thinks he has enough jurisdiction to judge Israel's right to defend its kids from murderers.

Judge Al?Khasawneh of Jordan knows all about illegal occupation. After all his country occupied the west bank for 19 years without giving the Palestinians citizenship. Jordan is a monarchy, every elections there is a fraud, and oponnents of the king get locked in jails. Most of Jordan's population refer to themselvs as "Palestinians" which means if Jordan actually ever HAD an election, it would probably be renamed as "Palestine". Jordan hasn't accepted ICJ's jurisdiction.

And *drumroll* here comes the king of unfairness, judge El-Araby, of egypt...
Not only does his country illegaly occupy the Halai'b triangle from Sudan, and Forcefully transfered peacefull Nubians into Sudan just to make an artificial lake. It's treatment of Gays is noteworthy. You see, in Egypt, having the wrong kind of sex will get you landed in JAIL for three years. So lovely of him to judge us. But that isn't ALL.
Judge Elaraby is honestly a special case, because he's the first guy who should disqualigy himself from judging on this issue. In 2001 the guy said to Al-Ahram newspaper the following:

""I hate to say it," Elaraby continued, "but you do not see the Palestinians, or any other Arab country today, presenting the issue thus when addressing the international community: Israel is occupying Palestinian territory, and the occupation itself is against international law. "

Elaraby later suggested arab countries should "sue" Israel.
Great great non-bias, eh?
Looking at the figures and factoids in the world factbook has proven to be quite astounding.
* 11 of the 15 countries of origin of the judges in the ICJ are involved in occupation of foreign land.
* 6 of the 15 countries of origin of the judges in the ICJ haven't accepted ICJ's jurisdiction.
* 4 of the 15 countries of origin of the judges in the ICJ are dictatorships.
* 5 of the 15 countries of origin of the judges in the ICJ are members of the EU, another member of the EU, Spain, has it's own separation wall in Ceuta. Yet another member of the EU, Britain has built wall in Northern Ireland to prevent Protestants and Catholics from fighting.

Check out the literacy data for those countries, if you want a shock. Did you know, that in Sierra-Leone, only 31.4% of the population can read? In Madagascar it's a mighty 68.9%...
In short, Israel has been judged by a collection of third-world toiletless dictatorships, who honestly believe they're the people to tell us what to do. Thank god our government just doesn't care of this court's opinion.


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