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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

We've got mail

Just got back from the military, and looks like this blog got noticed by some sort of E-mail list as I'm getting many referals via Email.. I'd really like to know where was I mentioned and under which circumstances. So, if you guys know, contact me or just leave a comment.


  • hey. If you want to figure out how u r getting publicity i suggest you do a search on google for "onlyinisrael.blogspot". I did this search and found some posts - which were old, about indymedia. (good work, by the way, getting that off of google news). maybe that's the thread. Have you posted anything recently?

    what are the thread of the emails you are getting? your readers would like to know. well, i would like to know. and you can search by common themes in the emails and see if anything comes up.

    anyway, you are probably more internet saavy than i am. so i don't know why i thought i would offer you this advice.

    when u find out, let us know.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:00 AM, September 17, 2004  

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