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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Nice to know someone has your back

This week the Friends of the IDF Young Leadership forum visited our camp, and donated us a nice club. It has a TV, VCR player, sterio system, bunch of games, and ofcourse, most importantly an air conditioner.
We all sat around waiting for the American guys to come in and everyone got himself an American and we just walked in groups to see a display of our weapons. It was quite fun, walking around with the guys, although seing civilians, especially foreigners inside the base was kinda surreal.
The folks were real funny, they cheered when the launchers drove around and applauded things we do on daily basis. The funniest part was probably when they realised that a girl fighter was around (you see, most of us were in the field, and only a few of us were up in the base to greet the group), usualy we'd have plenty of women fighters aruond, but then it was just her.
With yells of "oooh! I wanna take a picture with the girlie soldier" they ran to her, bombarded her with questions, took endless pictures with her, and eventually it happened so that she was locked alone in the new club with a bunch of Americans.
I just wanted to thank those people for giving us a feeling with have someone behind us, and thinking about us combat soldiers even abroad, not living in Israel. You honestly have no idea how special and important is the thing you have done for us. Thank you.

XML, RSS or whatever

I still don't really get how the feed thingie works, but a friend offered me help with it and now I have my own XML feed, apparently this should enable you to get some sort of a notification whenever the blog's updated. Hope you'd like to.

P.S. Next time I get back I plan to remodel the blog a bit. Email me for any suggestions.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

"Fences are BAD. Really!!! Can you help us build one for ourselvs?"

In yet another move of incredible hypocricy the EU builds a barrier on it's eastern border.

Last week, the EU announced it's planning to build a separation fence of its own to separate recently added EU members Poland and Hungary from their new neighbors – Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The EU, which invited Israeli companies to help with the construction, said the fence is necessary to "prevent the free movement of migrants seeking to enter" EU territory.

Israeli companies, including Magal Security Systems, will participate in tenders to build hundreds of miles of fences along the EU's new eastern border.

Funny how a fence erected to stop Israeli kids from being murdered in their sleep is horrible and unnecesary, but a fence erected to stop poor from entering rich europe is just fine on their account.
The moral standarts of the EU are apalling, but then again, given EU's history and past policy towards Israel it's nothing to be surprised with.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

A year has passed

On tuesday two weeks ago it was a first year for me in the military. I'm now a "father" meaning I have soldiers who have been drafted a year after I was.
Doesn't feel much differently, although I do seem to get more respect in my battalion. This year really flied by. The time moved so fast, and the changes that have happened to me, as a person are huge. I never expected myself to sleep so little, to be able to endure the challenges, both physical and mental I've faced. But more than that it's a 1/3rd of my service, which makes the whole military thing measurable, for probably the first time in the service.
It also makes me think about officers school from a different POV. I mean, this is what I'm signing on for. Another year, suddenly stuff doesn't look that simple anymore.