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Saturday, August 14, 2004

A year has passed

On tuesday two weeks ago it was a first year for me in the military. I'm now a "father" meaning I have soldiers who have been drafted a year after I was.
Doesn't feel much differently, although I do seem to get more respect in my battalion. This year really flied by. The time moved so fast, and the changes that have happened to me, as a person are huge. I never expected myself to sleep so little, to be able to endure the challenges, both physical and mental I've faced. But more than that it's a 1/3rd of my service, which makes the whole military thing measurable, for probably the first time in the service.
It also makes me think about officers school from a different POV. I mean, this is what I'm signing on for. Another year, suddenly stuff doesn't look that simple anymore.


  • Neat being a "father" isn't it? My friend in the Israeli Navy is now a "great grandfather" and amuses the hell out of himself.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:58 AM, September 17, 2004  

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