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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Well, I'm outta here.

I'm leaving to the military in a few hours and have no idea for how long. Hope it's no more than two weeks. Anyway, here's a nice site I found: Blue-Star-PR.
It's a site which specializes in pro-Israeli banners. Some great slogans there, spread it around.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

The "Tehran Times" comedy section.

This is Rabbi Yosef Dayan, who has threatened to put the "Pulsa Denura" (abusing the kabalah like that, what would Mado... errr. Esther say?) curse on Ariel Sharon.

And this is former Israeli Knesset member Yael Dayan, the daughter of Moshe Dayan. She's a prominent socialist, extreme-left figure, who has met with Arafat and his terrorist gang numerous times during the intifadeh.

Why am I telling you that? Because according to Tehran Times Rabbi Yael Dayan is a very dangerous person.

And a settler-rabbi, Yael Dayan, has announced that he is prepared to put a death curse on Sharon. Yael Dayan has a track-record in this matter. He conducted a similar mystical ceremony to put a death curse on then-prime minister Yitzhak Rabin shortly before he was murdered by an ultra-nationalist Israeli Jew in 1995.

I'm not sure you guys find it as hilarious as I do, not being involved that much in internal Israeli policies, but knowing Yael Dayan and her views on settlers, the reference to her as a "settler" and a RABBI no less is just hilarious.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Fighting Israelbashers on IRC

Those of you who know me know I can be found in various political channels, especially in Undernet's #politics under the nick IDFguy19. I like to go in there, and have a debate with people. The problem is, occasionaly, whiny, disgusting people, whose goal isn't debate but spreading hatered and confusion show up and try to mess it up.
Anyway, today I had a debate with someone in #political who tried to pain israel as China's best pal around it started like this:

CowTippa:Israel's role in China's new warplane - by David Isenberg -

IDFguy19: CowTippa. israel has indeed sold, in the past (early-mid 90s) it's military technologies and equipment to china. not US technologies, not US equipment, and not anymore.

Cowtippa: "Israel ranks second only to Russia as a weapons-system provider to China and as a conduit for sophisticated military technology, followed by France and Germany," stated a report this year by the US-China Security Review Commission, a panel established by Congress to examine security and economic relations between the two countries.

This is where I noticed something is wrong. puting that quote into google resulted a bunch of conspiracy sites. Including one trying to convince me of alien abductions and jewish mind control and a Nazimedia "article".

So I did a simple thing. I searched for "US-China Security Review Commission". Found their site, and in their site search searched for the quote. Can you guess what happened?

IDFguy19: CowTippa. how about we try a nice neat trick OK?

IDFguy19: we go to the US-China Security Comission and search for the quote in the article.

IDFguy19: ok?


IDFguy19: there's the site

IDFguy19: now let's put in the quote

Cowtippa: trick indeed

IDFguy19: Searching for "Israel ranks second only to Russia as a weapons-system provider to China and as a conduit for sophisticated military technology".

IDFguy19: No documents matching your query were found.

You'd expect the guy to get he was wrong, right? Well, no.

Cowtippa: IDFguy19: so what, USCC didn't put the Asia Times article online

IDFguy19: ofcourse CowTippa. but USCC is quoted in the Asia Times article, and it's in fact the only quote which currently connects Israel to china, in the year 2002. the quote isn't real and in fact NON-Existant.

IDFguy19: CowTippa. if the quote is real, then the report would be on their site. it isn't. the article lied. you know that. admit it.

Cowtippa: IDFguy19: nope

Cowtippa: it probably just doesn't index their PDFs or their search engine is broken

Cowtippa: who knows

IDFguy19: CowTippa.. oh. OK. google searches PDF's as well.

IDFguy19: let's try the same thing on google

IDFguy19: here

IDFguy19: Your search - "Israel ranks second only to Russia " - did not match any documents.

So there, I proved that no government reports containing the citation in Asiatimes existed. You think it'll make the Israel-bashers leave in peace and admit an error? Hell NO!

Cowtippa: Israeli officials claim that one benefit of its sale of LAVI fighter technology to China has been to prevent sales of surface-to-surface missiles to Israel's neighbors.[42] However, in mid-1996, the CIA reportedly disclosed that China may have shipped 'missile-related components' to Syria.

Cowtippa: IDFguy19: the title is "A Report for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission"

IDFguy19: no CowTippa.. that's not the title

IDFguy19: This is :Foreign Military Acquisitions and PLA Modernization Testimony of Richard D. Fisher, Jr., Center for Security Policy Before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

IDFguy19: CowTippa. this is what Dr-S provided.

The he tried to whine and compare the "report" to a "testimony" and claim that the Google Cache had the testimony labeled as "report for" (well DUH. when I make a typo on this site, I edit it, and google might keep the old version of it. so what?). In short, it went downhill from there, and the moron degenerated into calling me an idiot, full of crap, ETC. Not that it mattered I've made my point.

Conclusions for today:

  • Israeli bashers and truth are like fire and water.
  • Never expect to allow logic to beat the basher's desire to lie.
  • Thank God for google.

"Your message here"

I'm going back to the west bank this Sunday, after a few months I wasn't there. Now, I'm gonna be in quite a televised region, near Budrus. Plenty of reporters, lots of news activity. Anyhow, I want something memorable and amusing written on my combat vest, so I'm openning this to suggestions. Leave your comments here, any sentence/motto you think worth publishing. My current idea was "Protest Warrior"'s mottos.
A request though, please nothing too violent, racist, or fascist. I wasn't "born to kill" or anything of the sort, there's no reason I'll write it on my helmet, we're aiming for humor.

How's the new look?

There. All done remodelling the blog. Most of the old comments may have vanished in the process but I think I kept some bits of it. I'll try to repost them later this week. Hope you enjoy the new look. Any suggestions are always welcome.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

A story the world press seems to ignore

I honestly expected to see this one on front pages of the NYT or WashPost. I expected to hear about it on CNN, BBC and Fox. Obviously I've been mislead to believe stories like this are worth reporting.
In fact, noone other than the Israeli local press picked up the story, and most of the blogosphere went silent about it. I think it's worth reporting, repeating and remembering.
Parents of the murdered soldiers, Adi Avitan, Beni Avraham, and Omar Sawa'ed are suing the UN for aiding the Hizbullah scum who killed their kids and took the bodies hostage.

According to their statement, UNIFIL personnel were used as a diversion in order to draw the soldiers to the ambush point. It is also clear, they charge, that UN officers witnessed the abductions but did nothing in order to help the Israeli troops.

The families charge that several hours after the kidnappings, UN soldiers located two vehicles six kilometers from the ambush point. In one car, several items were found including UN license plates, while in the other car the UN staff discovered large blood stains.

In a highly unusual measure, as defined by the families, the UNIFIL staff, assisted by members of the UNTSO organization, took the items out of the cars, something that is strictly forbidden according to UN guidelines, took them to their base near Rosh Hanikra and eventually handed them over to the Hezbollah.

The moment the UN realised what they did, they shreded the photographs and destroyed all evidence, but that's not all.
Several days after the kidnappings, senior UN officials came to understand the high degree of sensitivity in the matter and instructed their subordinates to shred all photos and reports of the incident.

More shocking facts surfaced.

In July 2001, it was revealed that UNIFIL soldiers filmed Hezbollah operatives as they were transferring the three IDF troops, about 18 hours after they were kidnapped, from a distance of barely 20 km from point of abduction.
In addition, it became evident that several UN soldiers knew that the Lebanese terror group intends to kidnap IDF soldiers from the area of the Shaba Farms and had even been paid off by the Hezbollah in order to turn a blind eye.

That's right not only did the UN forces film the hijacking instead of stopping hostilities (which is what they're paid to do, and the reason the bozos have guns) they filmed it, then denied the tape existed and then refused to allow Israel to have it. When they finally remembered their job in the conflict they actually edited the tape making the hizbullah terrorists on it who helped hijack the soldiers unrecognizable. This actually got some serious coverage a while back, but people seem to forget it.
Let's see if the world media will keep an eye on this lawsuit.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Shanah Tovah

Happy Jewish New Year. I'm just out of the traditional New Year dinner and seder with the family.
Among the first guests to visit Israel in 5765 is Madonna, errr... Esther. The lady is here on a pilgrimage visit to the Western Wall, Jerusalem, Rachel's tomb and tombs of famous rabbis.
Also around to celebrate Rosh Hashanah is the unusual presence of Arafart who chose to wish the people of Israel a year of peace and happiness, just as one of his cronies went kaboom in an IDF checkpoint. Which kinda reminds me of a joke:
Arafat goes to a fortune teller and asks her when will he die. She tells him "You'll die on a jewish holiday". He asks "which one? Passover? Purim? Rosh Hashanah?". So the fortune teller tells him "Oh, it doesn't really matter, any day you'll die on will be a Jewish holiday".

Flood alert

A certain individual whose email is probably fake too (or he was bored enough to actually register has taken to flooding the blog with idiotic nonsense he claims was written by soldiers serving in Hebron.
He already posted it on one comment thread, and I let it be, but if I get another flood of that crap (or any other sort of crap for that matter) I will ban his IP.
To my readers, an apology, I don't get home too often, which is why sometimes you may come to the blog and see the comments flooded with all kinds of nonsense and comments I wouldn't generally leave hanging. I promise to erase them the moment I get back home from the military, so you guys will just have to tolerate them for a little while.