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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Shanah Tovah

Happy Jewish New Year. I'm just out of the traditional New Year dinner and seder with the family.
Among the first guests to visit Israel in 5765 is Madonna, errr... Esther. The lady is here on a pilgrimage visit to the Western Wall, Jerusalem, Rachel's tomb and tombs of famous rabbis.
Also around to celebrate Rosh Hashanah is the unusual presence of Arafart who chose to wish the people of Israel a year of peace and happiness, just as one of his cronies went kaboom in an IDF checkpoint. Which kinda reminds me of a joke:
Arafat goes to a fortune teller and asks her when will he die. She tells him "You'll die on a jewish holiday". He asks "which one? Passover? Purim? Rosh Hashanah?". So the fortune teller tells him "Oh, it doesn't really matter, any day you'll die on will be a Jewish holiday".


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