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Thursday, September 16, 2004

A story the world press seems to ignore

I honestly expected to see this one on front pages of the NYT or WashPost. I expected to hear about it on CNN, BBC and Fox. Obviously I've been mislead to believe stories like this are worth reporting.
In fact, noone other than the Israeli local press picked up the story, and most of the blogosphere went silent about it. I think it's worth reporting, repeating and remembering.
Parents of the murdered soldiers, Adi Avitan, Beni Avraham, and Omar Sawa'ed are suing the UN for aiding the Hizbullah scum who killed their kids and took the bodies hostage.

According to their statement, UNIFIL personnel were used as a diversion in order to draw the soldiers to the ambush point. It is also clear, they charge, that UN officers witnessed the abductions but did nothing in order to help the Israeli troops.

The families charge that several hours after the kidnappings, UN soldiers located two vehicles six kilometers from the ambush point. In one car, several items were found including UN license plates, while in the other car the UN staff discovered large blood stains.

In a highly unusual measure, as defined by the families, the UNIFIL staff, assisted by members of the UNTSO organization, took the items out of the cars, something that is strictly forbidden according to UN guidelines, took them to their base near Rosh Hanikra and eventually handed them over to the Hezbollah.

The moment the UN realised what they did, they shreded the photographs and destroyed all evidence, but that's not all.
Several days after the kidnappings, senior UN officials came to understand the high degree of sensitivity in the matter and instructed their subordinates to shred all photos and reports of the incident.

More shocking facts surfaced.

In July 2001, it was revealed that UNIFIL soldiers filmed Hezbollah operatives as they were transferring the three IDF troops, about 18 hours after they were kidnapped, from a distance of barely 20 km from point of abduction.
In addition, it became evident that several UN soldiers knew that the Lebanese terror group intends to kidnap IDF soldiers from the area of the Shaba Farms and had even been paid off by the Hezbollah in order to turn a blind eye.

That's right not only did the UN forces film the hijacking instead of stopping hostilities (which is what they're paid to do, and the reason the bozos have guns) they filmed it, then denied the tape existed and then refused to allow Israel to have it. When they finally remembered their job in the conflict they actually edited the tape making the hizbullah terrorists on it who helped hijack the soldiers unrecognizable. This actually got some serious coverage a while back, but people seem to forget it.
Let's see if the world media will keep an eye on this lawsuit.


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