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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Dangerous places.

I came back from the military Wednesday, and set my deadline to complete the posts to the blog by Thursday, you see, I was going to Eilat on Friday and wanted to get finished with all the posts before I leave. That, ofcourse, didn't happen. A little after 10 PM, the TV stopped broadcasting the show I was watching, and a breaking news report came. An explosion in Taba.
The friends that were going with me to Eilat, called me to cancel the trip immideatly.
I really can't understand the mess the media here made of the warnings given prior to the holidays to travelers to Sinai, telling them not to go there, because it's dangerous. Going on vacation in Sinai is being protrayed in the media here, about as reckless as trying to hitchike in Tora Bora. There were terror warnings about Sinai. So what? It's not dangerous in Israel? There are no terrorist bombings here? People don't die here every month from terrorist attacks?
What about Madrid? What about New York City? What about Istanbul? Is it really safe anywhere abroad?
So there were warnings, and yes, Israelis might've been saved if they'd listen to them, but how many cigarette packages have cancer warnings on them and people still smoke. How many TV campaigns are there to stop people from speeding on the roads? we still do.
I believe that the goal of terrorism is to disturb the natural way of life we live here, if we change our ways, if we stop going out, if we stop taking busses, if we stop travelling, terrorism won. Why can't people see that?


  • I don't think Israelis should travel to Egypt unless and until Egyt warms up the peace with Israel. If one reads their media and observes what goes on there, I suspect one would find rhetoric which would put "Der Sturmer" to shame. In my personal life I avoid doing business with people who don't like me, Israelis as a nation should consider doing the same.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:35 AM, October 20, 2004  

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