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Saturday, October 09, 2004

The funniest log on IRC.

The IRCing folks among you, must be aware of the site which collects and ranks funny IRC quotes. Now is among the funniest sites I've seen, but what you're about to see is on a whole other level. This is a log of an IRC conversation, in which a certain chatter, LazyEdna, describes shooting her horse. This is among the funniest conversations I've ever read, It's guaranteed you won't be able to stop laughing.
Now, I know some of this are insider jokes from #politics, but you can laugh with most of that. I still have a giant quote collection, which I still keep and renew, I might post it in here someday.
Yours truly is "israeli17".
Here it is in TXT file from the Undernet #politics website. Here's an RTF file for easier reading.
A word of advice though. You might need a pack of kleenex, as you're gonna lauch real hard.
Just a few samples to get you started:

Lazy^edna: I have 4 horses left
Bline: and 5 bullets....

As well as:
Lazy^Edna: I have lots of pictures of him
israeli17: Lazy^Edna. are you going to punch a hole through the pictures too?


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