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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Googlenews strikes again.

Remember our battle to remove Nazimedia from GoogleNews? We've succeed only partially, Nazimedia was indeed removed from GoogleNews for a while. The specific branch that used the word "zionazi" hasn't returned to GoogleNews since and Nazimedia is closely monitored and edited now that branches of it are back in GoogleNews.
What ticked me off about Nazimedia on GoogleNews was the use of the term "zionazi". Well, I've thought I've seen the worst of it, but it just gets worse.
Guess what's now a news-source on GoogleNews? palestine-info. To some of you, it may not ring a bell, but it rings a big, freaking gong for me. You see, Palestine-info, is the site of an organisation we're all familiar with:
The Hamas movement.
How do I know that? Well first of all, let's all take a tour at Internet Haganah which deals with battling virtual terrorism online. Here's their latest on Palestine-info. Now, making the case on Palestine-info must be decisive and conclusive. Here's the evidence I present.
I'll begin with the pages linking to Palestine-info.
  • A Palestinian authority government site (that's right, a site) officialy refers visitors to the hamas website at Palestine-info.
  • The Council on Foreign Relations notes it as Hamas' website in their "sources" page.
  • The American House of Representatives Judiciary Subcommittee says in a report "the official website of the Hamas terrorist organization (" which naturally is a mirror of
  • The SITE institute, directed by Rita Katz, also points at Palestine-info as Hamas' website.
That was all light stuff. Peanuts. Now, let me direct you to a page, in Palestine-info that now can only be found in arabic. I'll save you the trouble of going there and witnessing the writing on the top:

I'd think that's enough, but let's dig further. This page has no english source page (when you try to find away around, you hit a 404). That doesn't mean it didn't USE to have an english page. At you can easily find that document. It contains a big "welcome to the Islamic resistance movement HAMAS" sign. You can even find the "about Hamas" button and move on to a page detailing Hamas's objectives, goals and tactics. and on the "Glory record" page, they list terrorist activities, glorifying the murder of jews.
The Hamas terrorist organisation is on the terrorist groups list of Israel, the USA and the EU and I honestly do not understand what has GoogleNews doing publishing a Hamas front as news.

By searching Googlenews, it appears the first palestine-info entry was made on September 24th, meaning it's been on for over a month with obviously noone noticing.
I'm only assuming GoogleNews isn't aware of it's actions, which is why it affiliates itself with a known terrorist organisation. I emailed them and I advise you all to do the same.


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