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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"The Ambassador"

I'm still working on those webhosting issue, and it looks like the problem is about to be solved in the next day or so, meanwhile, let me update you about something going on in the Israeli TV scene. As you've probably heard (if youv'e surfed the blogosphere enough) a new Israeli reality show has surfaced, one in which the winner doesn't get a million dollars, or a dream girl, but rather the oportunity to work for Israeli advocacy in New York.
The press coverage "The Ambassador" got was amazing. It was mentioned in all the important newspapers and websites, like Reuters, the BBC, and the usual flattering article from the Al-Guardian which repeatedly bothers to call the contestants "Spin Doctors" and adding another touch of the famed Guardinish journalist integrity and objectivity in the following paragraph:
Candidates must strive to spin Israel's story most effectively and need not pay much attention to reality or the Palestinian point of view.
how lovely.
The show is quite good really, but it is sad that most of the people involved in it, while very charismatic and representative of the Israeli society, lack knowledge about the conflict, and probably would be able to provide better answers had they known better. You can find periodical coverage of "The Ambassador" at Dave's of Israellycool and Harry at "The view from here". Next episode is tommorow.