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Friday, January 14, 2005

Just another day in Europe.

Today, we find out Prince Harry found a nice costume idea for his latest party. How about a nazi soldier?
Prince Harry has apologised for wearing a swastika armband to a friend's fancy dress party.

Clarence House issued a statement in response to a photograph published on the front page of the Sun newspaper under the headline, "Harry the Nazi".

And just across the tunnel, in France, Jean-Marrie Le Pen makes another statement which makes us understand why he won second place in the last presidential elections. Apparently the Nazi occupation wasn't that bad.

"In France at least, the German occupation was not especially inhumane, even if there were a number of excesses - inevitable in a country of 550,000 sq km (220,000 sq miles)," he was quoted as saying.

"If the Germans had carried out mass executions across the country as the received wisdom would have it, then there wouldn't have been any need for concentration camps for political deportees."

He only forgot one thing:
More than 70,000 French Jews were deported during the Nazi occupation from 1940 until 1944. Thousands of civilians also died at the hands of the German army.
I've said it once, I'll say it again. Of all the things wrong about France there's nothing a few more years of German occupation won't solve.

Thursday, January 13, 2005


The last few weeks were stressing for soldiers in Israel. We were under constant attack, not only by Palestinian terrorists, but by extremist settlers who look for a way to stop the disengagement plan.
You can say they crossed a few red lines when they approached soldiers and asked them to sign a petition in which they guarantee to refuse an order to evacuate Jewish settlers. The unity of our military has never been cast in doubt in such a way before. The military is a non-political body. My job is to follow orders if they are legal and not follow them if they are illegal. Trying to drag politics into the military is bound to ruin the only thing in this country that is clear, and clean and trust by everyone. It's the job of a military in a democratic country to follow its governments orders whether a soldier agrees to them or not. I have a lot of problems with doing plenty of the things I do in my service, I do not argue them, because it is not my call. In a democratic country, it's my governments call.
The settlers attempt to jeopardize the military's non political stance by inserting it into the political game. That shouldn't be allowed. And just like the leftist scumbags who refuse to serve on the west bank should be frowned upon so should settlers who refuse to serve. Same thing exactly.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Back on track

As you can see, our hosting problems are over, the site is back online, completely functional along with all the videos, images, and everything else that was online.
The Palestinian election took place two days ago, and Abu Mazen is the obvious winner. I find it satisfying that Palestinians had an elections, its a sign of maturity and hope. Their choice of candidates however is quite sadenning. The holocaust denier elected used his victory speech to announce his plans.

As Fatah supporters shot their rifles in the air in celebration of the outcome of the seven-candidate race, Mr. Abbas gave his first victory speech last night. Calling the election results "a victory for Yasser Arafat and the en tire Palestinian people," Mr. Abbas proclaimed: "The small jihad is over and the big jihad has begun. We are facing tough missions - how to build a state of security where people live a dignified life."

Just great, I can really see the progress there.