Only In Israel

Thursday, January 13, 2005


The last few weeks were stressing for soldiers in Israel. We were under constant attack, not only by Palestinian terrorists, but by extremist settlers who look for a way to stop the disengagement plan.
You can say they crossed a few red lines when they approached soldiers and asked them to sign a petition in which they guarantee to refuse an order to evacuate Jewish settlers. The unity of our military has never been cast in doubt in such a way before. The military is a non-political body. My job is to follow orders if they are legal and not follow them if they are illegal. Trying to drag politics into the military is bound to ruin the only thing in this country that is clear, and clean and trust by everyone. It's the job of a military in a democratic country to follow its governments orders whether a soldier agrees to them or not. I have a lot of problems with doing plenty of the things I do in my service, I do not argue them, because it is not my call. In a democratic country, it's my governments call.
The settlers attempt to jeopardize the military's non political stance by inserting it into the political game. That shouldn't be allowed. And just like the leftist scumbags who refuse to serve on the west bank should be frowned upon so should settlers who refuse to serve. Same thing exactly.