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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Comments, Please!

I'm back home again. I've been looking at the Blog's statistics, and I see that many people read the blog but I get very few responses.
So please, if a topic interests you, or you agree or disagree with me on an issue, feel free to respond to my post, or email me.
Also, I'll use this oportunity to thank everyone who emailed me, I'm sorry I haven't answered you, I was in the army, I'll get to it right away.


  • I just found your blog and since you asked for comments I leave mine here.

    Thank you for posting everything you have. It is very important that people -- especially Jews outside of Israel -- know what is happening. Not media BS or propaganda from the anti-Zionists, but the real deal.

    I am an American Jew in NYC and I want to thank you for sharing.

    By Anonymous Ester, at 6:48 PM, March 22, 2005  

  • Just so you know, the salute that the palestinians are doing isnt something invented by the nazis. It was first used in Rome, and of course those are very powerful symbols. Many of the Roman symbols were stolen by both Hitler and Mussolini. The salute, The eagle, "fascism" comes from the word Fascia (i beleave thats how you spell it.) Which was a bundle of reeds that were easily broken alone, but when they were tied together they could be used as a weapon. Watch the next state of the union address and you'll see these very fascias hanging on our walls behind the president. These are symbols not of the Empire, but symbold of the republic of Rome. Do you know who used that very salute before the Nazis. We did! we only stoped because the nazis adopted it and turned it into a symbol of murder! Dictatorships! if you go to Mexico today you will still see thier children saluting thier flag in this manner.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:30 AM, October 02, 2005  

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