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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The source for all their problems

A Palestinian girl died yesterday after being shot. Immediately Hamas fired on Israeli settlers, the Islamic Jihad declared Israel to be at fault and all major media began, as usual painting Israel as the evil child-killing country they want us to be. Everyone blamed Israel, including (oh, the surprise!) the UN.

Palestinian and United Nations officials said earlier Monday that Deeb was killed by IDF gunfire as she was walking into a UN school in the southern Gaza Strip. But UN officials later said that they could not definitively identify the source of the gunfire, although all signs pointed to the Israelis.

"The only firing that took place at that time in the entire Rafah area came from the so-called Salah Adin [Saladin] IDF observation post," about 800 meters away from the school, said Johan Eriksson, a spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency, which administers the school.
And then, a few hours ago, the following story surfaced. So far it's only covered by Israelinsider and Haaretz, and I have doubts on whether it will get as much coverage as the original one did.
Palestinian Authority security forces on Tuesday evening said they arrested a Palestinian man who shot dead a 10-year-old Palestinian girl in Rafah the day before, Israel Radio reported.
But that's not all in the "Jews done it" section for today. An Egyptian weekly found the cause behind the Tsunami waves that wrecked South-East Asia.

Among the various ?explanations?, an Egyptian opposition weekly offered its theory, claiming the earthquake was a result of a joint India-Israel-U.S. nuclear experiment, that brought about the movement of the tectonic plates located underneath the ocean.
But why would Israel, USA and India run nuclear experiments in an earthquake prone area? Don't worry, they figured it all out for you.

According to Al Usbua, the experiment?s goal was a U.S.-Israel attempt to put an ?end to humanity?.

Those tricky Jews, as if controlling the world is not enough, they want to end humanity as well.


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