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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Only in Israel, indeed.

This is a first. After having an Arab beauty queen an Arab minister, we now have an Arab chariman of a government ministry.

JERUSALEM - Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz made a surprising announcement Monday, nominating an Arab-Israeli to the post of Interior Ministry director general.
Should Jaffa resident Oscar Abu-Razek’s nomination be approved, he would become the first Arab ever to head a government ministry. Currently, he serves as the Tax Authority’s deputy director.

I guess it would be a bad time to ask how many jews hold high positions in Arab countries, right?
Another story which got covered greatly on the Israeli TV but got ZERO international coverage is that of a Jordanian boy named Yitzhak Rabin. You see, the boy was born on the day the peace agreement between Jordan and Israel was signed, and that's why he was named after Rabin. His family got threatened by militants in Jordan, and they fleed to Israel. There was talk of deporting them, but then the Interior Minister intefered and gave them a permanenet visa. Man, I'm begging to like this Ophir Pines.
If anyone sees this story mentioned anywhere online, post it in the comments.


  • Listen, Shalom `Aleykhem, Haverim.
    These blood thirsty peacemongers in ISM, etc., are either dumb or crooked liars or both. Probably both. But we're a little dumb too. You correctly point out that an Arab is director general of a ministry. And of course there are Arab judges, physicians, medical specialists at major hospitals, such as Hadassah's two branches in Jerusalem, Arab cops, journalists, etc. And Arabs in Jerusalem and surrounding areas love to come to the shopping malls, such as Manahat [Malha for the ignorant], Pisgat Ze'ev, etc. I've been in the Manahat mall on occasion and half or more of the shoppers have been Arabs. They don't necessarily look so different from us, but when the women have their heads wrapped up like nuns, then you can assume they're Muslims. When they're wearing big crosses, then you can assume... So much for the big lie of "apartheid." Anyway, with all their faults, and they are many, the Arabs are less dangerous than the Western powers -- and I have been watching Israel-Arabs relations since 1948, when I sat on my Dad's lap and learned about the first war. Who spreads Arab propaganda? Why, it's BBC, Sky, CNN [the BBC is the worst]. That is, the Western media, here I include New York Times, Le Monde, La Repubblica, most of the British rags, etc., facilitate the spread of Arab lies. The EU gives about 1/2 billion $$ per year to the Pal Authority and has been for years, no matter how often they violated the Oslo accords, no matter what atrocities they perpetrated. Maybe if the Arabs wanted peace, or even a long-term truce, the West would prevent it one way or the other. The West keeps the war going. Keep that in mind. And the ISM and other so-called "leftist" groups, plus Amnesty Int'l and "human rights watch," play the game of the Western powers. They too make Judeophobic, anti-Israel propaganda. The Arabs don't make them do it. These lefty and human rightsy bodies build up public opinion in Western countries favorable to what the governments want to do to us. If anybody tells you that he's a "peace activist" or "human rights" activist," spit in his face if you can get away with it. He's most likely pro-Nazi and is working for Western govts. at best.

    By Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon, at 8:34 PM, May 02, 2005  

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